Damian wayne

I have kid how think he can be Batman’s son DAMIAN Wayne…
He’s 8 yrars old with an old soul…
He is a basketball player right now but beyond his years

With a big personality

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Tell him that he can do better.

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Nah. Damian’s a great role model. I thinks it’s kind of cool. If a kid likes Damian than more power to him. I do too.

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How? Seriously, how? He killed people, tried to kill Tim to take his place, acts like an entitled brat, and generally treats the people around him like dirt. Then gets everything he wants and given a monumental push by editorial. No one should want to be like him.

That part was sarcasm.

Also, Damian has been much better recently than he ever has been. Most people just remember him for the stuff that happen when he was first introduced. But I’m guessing an 8 year old doesn’t read those comics. He would probably read something like Robin Son of Batman or Super Sons. I like Damian. He can be the worst punk ever. But he has grown up from being the assassin he was raised to be. Sounds like a very popular character named Orphan to me.

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You say that as if that’s a bad thing… :upside_down_face:


He’s nothing like Cassandra. Cass never treated people like dirt or behaved in an entitled manner. Cass is actually likable, something Damian can’t seem to manage.

Because it very much is a bad thing.

If I like him than something about him must be likable or I’m just weird.

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I never thought I could relate to an 8 year old more than now :joy_cat: Damian Wayne is awesome and I totally think your son can kick some bad guy butt

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I’m Grayson & Damian for top 2 Robins. I get that he’s a love em or hate em character. That should be ok, but it seems he’s hated more than a lot of other characters. I’ve been reading DC since I bought my 1st comic in ‘83. Joker issue #1 from 1975. I loved Damian right away. Which I think further backs up my theory, that u either love him or hate em’. Both opinions are fine with me & it should be ok to support either. Clarification, when I said I bought my first comic in 83’ I obviously didn’t mean Damian, who wasn’t invented yet, was an instant like-able character to me. I was just conveying that not all Damian fans are younger readers who grew up with him as Robin. The freedom to love or hate any character is what makes reading comics fun for me. I can’t help & refuse to apologize, for loving Damian, I simply just did & do love him right away.