Damian Wayne, your thoughts?

I’m a big fan of Damian, however he is generally seen as annoying or obnoxious by a lot of the fans. I’m just wondering as to why you dislike or like the latest Robin?

It’s been my dream for the longest time to have Damien (or the Bat Family) on the big screen. Do you think DC will set it up, and what can they do to clear some of the stigma that surrounds Damien?


Personally, I think a lot of people still have issues with Damian on the basis of his existence, particularly with how he was brought into the Bat family. In Morrison’s run, Damian effectively forced Tim out of being Robin, not to mention all of the other drama that I’m certain readers at the time did not appreciate.
I’m starting to warm up to Damian, especially as he gets a little more personality, but I can see how some people would still be bitter about this bratty, murderous child stepping into the Bat-family.


Ooh, let me break out the list.

  1. He’s a brat who thinks he’s entitled to be Robin because he’s Batman’s biological kid. And… he gets exactly what he wants and wins. The end, this snotty little jerk is your new Robin, have fun.
  2. His much-vaunted character arc is “Terrible person wins and gets what he wants and then independently decides to be marginally less terrible.” That’s not a character arc. That’s just an erosion of his unique traits over time.
  3. His behavior is often excused because he’s a child, except his skills and behavior are disturbingly unchildlike.
  4. His entire personality is built on being as obnoxious as possible. Result? He’s obnoxious!

He’s a completely irredeemable character concept.


Latest Robin? Don’t you mean Jarro? He’s my tots fav!

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Damian is the man!!! Wait…i mean child! I love his dgaf attitude in the bat family, everyone is so strict and rule bitten, it’s awesome when Damian breaks the norm. His personality is who he is and that’s why people hate him cause he’s different, people don’t like different, they all want boy scouts and goody two shoes.


Overall-don’t care a lot for him EXCEPT for Super Sons (love, love, love him and Jon together)

Damian Wayne is a bit of a brat, if I were to give my honest opinion. I can definitely see why people would be rubbed the wrong way by him, because he is acerbic, cocky, confrontational, and often disrespectful. He comes from a place of great privilege and was raised with the belief that he’s going to succeed as the greatest fighter, and it shaped him into a difficult to empathize with character. That’s a difficult starting point for a character, but I personally enjoy characters like that. I like seeing characters learn humility over time, and think that Damian has learned some hard lessons and learned important lessons as a result. I’m very interested in seeing what kind of character he becomes, but I’ll enjoy seeing him as a little brat until then. :slight_smile:


I posted this essay before.

I believe Damian Wayne is not just a 2-D character that DC pulled out of their butts as a marketing ploy to get consumers’ attention as the Son of Batman. Damian Wayne is for all intents and purposes an interesting character who suffers right up there with Guts (Berserk) , Kratos (God of War), Piccolo, X-23, Orphan, Vegeta, Raven, Blade, etc.

He’s a character whose collective, quite knowledgable, knows their existence is problematic and yet really wants to do good. He was artificially created as an asset to replace his father, yet because he looks like his father, yet every time he looks at Batman Damian sees hope in himself for redemption.

Damian is a brutalized, hardened, grounded, effed-up kid that one could argue was put through a ton of child abuse yet nevertheless accomplished more than any person could have by age 10. His mother and grandfather got it in his head to be ruler of the world and be the ultimate assassin. Even worse is he gets caught in the crossfire between Batman and the al-Ghuls, further torturing the poor sap making him a pawn for anyone he perceives as his superior. His brash, insubordination, and self-centeredness (everones’ critique) is him overcompensating over the fact that he wants to make Batman proud yet feels that he’s being held back by Wayne’s methods of justice contrasting of the al-Ghuls’ upbringing/prepping of Damian. The kid just doesn’t feel whole and gets little release.

It’s characters like these that really make one wonder what direction they’re going with with so much potential, and plenty of room for growth. Batman 666 really made him into the intimidating bat that has quite the questionable sense of morale. Damian represents an ultra-dark side to the world of Batman, a very demonic one that clashes with the uncanny valley where no one knows what’s right or wrong anymore, conflicting ethics, and humanity takes a daring shot at tackling that predicament, whatever the outcome.

Damian Wayne is an excellent character.


Well said sir!!! :clap: