Damian and Raven

Anyone else want Damian and Raven to be together? They have so much great chemistry


Nah. Beast Boy and Raven feel better to me. They’re two opposites and complete one another. The two of them bounce each other very well in the animated series. Damien and Raven are too similar, albeit one’s definitely angrier than the other.

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Sure. Why not. Plenty of plot fodder material there.

Similar backstories, demeanors, and intentions. Complimentary differences too: the Monk and the Assassin, the Sorceress and the Detective, the Stoic and the Vigilant, and the Goth and the Emo (lol).

If DC decides to adapt Batman 666 into another medium (movie or game), they can fit Raven/Trigon there for sure.

BBRae is definitely one of the most overhyped and off-putting pairings I have ever came across. Especially since it diminishes Raven’s character, and most importantly they have nothing in common. I really don’t buy it, even with Kid Flash I’m afraid.

Nothing personal guys, really. It’s a personal analysis I see with what I call surface/2D pairings demonstrated in multiple mediums.

Seeing high-caliber, high-potential characters like Raven being paired up with wimps like Beast Boy is a big pet peeve of mine. Hell, even J. K. Rowling regrets pairing Hermione with wimp Weasley.

The dynamic between Raven and a Robin has always been deeper in multiple iterations of the Titans, and I really think it’s about time she’s paired up with one of Batman’s wards if a plot really calls for it. Whether it be Grayson, Drake, or Damian Wayne the interactions have always been a staple and result in some of the best potential plot fodder I’ve come across in multiple Titans iterations. Or, hell, just keep her single. It’s fine, really.

Alphas stay with alphas and betas stay with betas.

Raven is too old for him in the comics. He’s still a prepubescent boy, even at thirteen. She’s an adult at eighteen. In the DCAU, it’d be awesome, considering that she’s only a year older though.