cyborg in doom patrol reaction

I have seen alot of people upset online over how cyborg looks in the doom patrol teaser I didn’t think nothing of it it is just a small taste what do you think


I like it. My biggest problem with the way the character was re-designed for the New 52 was that they stripped away too much of his humanity. He went from being a guy with a few mechanical prostheses to being a human head on a robot body. I also like the fact that he looks a lot younger on the show.


As much I’ve would’ve like to see him on Titans, I’m more interested to see how this will play out. :slightly_smiling_face:

He looks fine, not much was shown besides the half mask. Kinda odd to have him on Doom Patrol but it’s interesting and I’ll let his role play out. Can easily still be moved to Titans season 2

I’m gonna wait and see how he does and I think lot of fans want him on Titans

I’m glad he’s on doom patrol because I don’t know much about doom patrol so cyborg brings in people like me


Good point

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He looked ok in the poster but way better in the promo video. I’m excited to see him!!

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I’m stoked. So I did this a while back to keep myself from getting upset constantly. So as a comic especially DC fan I’m totally into the whole multiverse multiple Earth’s dimensions etc. So when they make tv shows from my favorite stuff and break away from source material ( looking at you game of thrones and walking dead) I just think about it being from a different universe and then I get brand new stories, out of all my old favorite stories. So longggggg story short super stoked for Doom Patrol with cyborg. Oh and on a separate note Brendan Frasier for Vandal Savage the He’s original juice weezing Immortal Caveman

It’s not the best but it’s definitely impressive for a tv show and personally I think it’s better than his design in the DCEU. That full cgi body did not go well with that one piece of real human flesh,but hey that just my opinion


A Doom Patrol Cyborg is better than no Cyborg. Plus, the shows have already crossed over and this Cyborg seems young enough for him and Beast Boy to do their thing.

Looks waaaay better than his chrome dome cgi overly raytraced, cyborg being a thin 135 pound JL 2017 movie design so I’m good.

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I’m a fan. Looks like the Super Friends version.

Looks like the track suit wearing 80s Cyborg a fair bit as well. I think it’ll be a good look. Not everything has to copy the Teen Titans cartoon, as much as I like it.

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You’re exactly where I was at. I swear I was gonna say he looks like Super Friends with the track suit but I decided to leave that out. I completely agree tho.