CWSEED Animated Series.

Hi guys, I have an important question that means a lot to me. What’s the story with Vixen? Is her series over and done with on the CWSEED platform, can I expect a season 3 or not? Also, if her series is no longer on CWSEED, will it be coming to the DC APP? I really loved that show as well as Constantine and The Ray Freesom Fighters animated series? I humbly ask, "please make them available on the DC APP? Thank you very much.


@elroyah - While I can’t answer your questions concerning the Vixen series, thanks for the suggestions and feedback! I’ll definitely make sure to pass them along to the team!


Thank you so much. I can only hope there’ll be good news.

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I’m with you. Bring the CW Seed animated series here. I hate the ads they have on their app.