CW's Arrowverse essentially Television's Justice League Universe.

Despite the bad rap The CW gets, they’ve created a very successful connective comic book universe that’s lead to other DC products.


Yeah I don’t get the so-called bad rep it gets, I love it. It’s comics come to life with all their interconnected goodness.


I think the CW-verse is the best onscreen interpretation of the DC-verse that has been created so far. Only possibly contested by Justice League Unlimited.


I agree. The CW shows have a bad rep and I don’t get it. To be fair, I’m used to this because it’s basically the same reputation Smallville had for being a show on “The WB”, so this is nothing new.

But I enjoy the shows, and they endure despite those who dismiss it for being a “CW Show”. Every season it’s on, it’s something they gotta deal with.


I was hoping that with Supergirl starting on CBS that viewers would switch networks with it and go “oooh other superhero shows!” I personally love the CW shows, and I hope they don’t get the Marvel Netflix pulled plug.

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I think CWVERSE shows get dissed because they are “dark, gritty, TVMA”. And yes they have dramarama, but what CW show doesn’t. They aren’t strictly canonical, but in some instances not to far afield.

The only major criticism I had with Arrow is how does Oliver not end up Dinah. (They are one of the greatest and best known “ships” in DC lore.) the big rip last season was Supergirl was to political and liberally one sided. An argument I can see but disagree with. Comics have a long history dating back to 1938 of being political and generally on the liberal side of the spectrum. Some issues don’t seem “liberal” now, but they were at the time.

Haters gonna hate and always find a reason. (I hate Lois & Clark as a ship and will defend that position til my last breath. So I’m guilty in some form. But, frankly I think most people are about one thing or another when it comes to comics.)

Truth is CWVERSE shows resonate with certain demographics and those are the ones that keep them coming back. I doubt they will go the way of Marvel/Netflix. Being on CW generates revenue because of advertisers. The biggest thing will be when the Netflix exclusivity clause expires and they can end up other places. (Like DCU, I hope.)

Do they “deserve” the agro they get? Probably. Just like MOS and BvS do. Some folks love those films, others loathe them. Everybody’s entitled to their opinion, no matter how “wrong” you or I or insert_person_here thinks otherwise.

I suppose one can make the point that at least they create, for good or ill, passionate viewers. As long as that is the case and they are likely to keep making money, they’ll keep going. After all, in Hollywood making money is the ultimate yardstick of what is “good” or “bad”.

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Honestly wouldn’t watch much TV without the Arrowverse. Great characters, actors, and storys. Super hyped for this year’s crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths.
The best part about the whole thing though are the characters they bring in. They can bring in small name characters like Wild Dog and Vibe and make them work great. It all works without the big characters from DC. These shows hit the ground running without the big name DC Comics characters.


Not sure if anybody knows how many episodes COIE is going to be?

My sense was that it was not going to be just a 4 part crossover, like Earth-X was. It will be larger in scope and run more episodes. Maybe even as a stand-alone mini series?? But I might be wrong.

It’s five official episodes over Supergirl, Batwoman, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. But most if not all five shows (maybe even including Black Lightning) will build up to Crisis over their seasons.

The CWverse is dark and gritty? Weird, I find them light, fluffy, and weightless, that’s always been my complaint. I like the crossover episodes, but even then it feels like the dollar store version of a cinematic universe. Bad acting, bad dialogue, basic stories, and pretty faces.

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It’s no denying, after my posts, I personally love the Arrowverse tv shows. They are at times flawed, but what show isn’t. They were able to grow and evolve a tv franchise that has now spanned multiple shows. They have raised the stakes higher and higher with their annual crossover episodes. It sometimes saddens me that the Arrowverse gets a bad rap. However, I’ve been accustomed to it since there were similar reactions to Smallville, Lois & Clark, and so forth. It comes down to different strokes for different strokes. Hopefully over time the shows will be more appreciative by viewers/fans of what they have accomplish. Something the original DCEU has yet to truly accomplish.


I love the Arrowverse. I do see Arrow as darker and grittier a lot of the time but it is still great. I have never understood the bad rap for them.

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