CW Streaming changes for new shows

CW has announced that for new shows, such as Batwoman, the will stream episodes for free starting the day after air (as they do now) but instead of only having the last 5 episodes they will have they entire season until 30 prior to a new season. That’s more free programs on their app, which is good news for fans and gives the shows greater ability to pick up new viewers mid season.


Nice! Thanks for the info.

I’m a little confused as to what this means.


DWriter, current CW shows appear on the free CW app the day after they air. They have the last five episodes. Now for new shows, they will still add shows they day after they air, but are not restricted to 5 and will keep the shows up until a month before the new season. So, if you have a streaming device you can watch these shows gratis.

^ Thanks.

Does this apply to ALL of The CW’s shows, or just their new series like Batwoman, Katy Keene, and Nancy Drew?

Just new

I am so thankful for this. As a high school student, I frequently get behind do to work. Part of why I wait for Netflix is because I get behind. That makes life especially hard when crossovers happen. Generally I get the oppurtunity to watch episodes in short burst. So I’m very thankful!

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Since I don’t watch the CW shows as they air, this is great news for me. It means I’ll be able to binge the upcoming year of the Arrowverse once all the episodes are on Netflix for the existing shows and Batwoman is on the CW app (even if it’s with ads). I’ll also be getting HBO Max so maybe by the time I catch up I’ll be able to watch Batwoman ad-free on that, we’ll see. But this is exciting news anyway!

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