CW should never have their hands on Batman

Wb should not allow Batwoman to use Batman like they did for Supergirl to use Superman. They’d turn Batman her sidekick and I bet they would have Bruce telling Kate she is a better “Batman” than he ever was. What Supergirl did to Superman is unforgivable. If you watched the last crossover’s episode, you’d know what I’m talking about.


not really their fault tbh havent seen anything of supergirl its mainly due to society these days everyone has to have something like how you said superman is a sidekick is because alot of people are proably crying how their isnt alot of superhero woman and mainly men are in charge if people werent so picky i dont think that it would happen and plus i dont see superman has a sidekick it proably was more of superman helping his cousin out more than anything

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I agree completely. Batman is the MOST iconic hero in almost all of comics and fiction in general. What the CW did with Superman was a tragedy in the sense that they used him wrong. To use him as a support character is okay but to imply that Supergirl is stronger than the man who held a BLACKHOLE in the PLAM OF HIS HAND is Ludacris. I want the Batgirl series but I don’t want Batman in it, with you all the way on that.


I honestly think BATMAN will not appear in any of the CW series.

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Agree to disagree. I would love Batman in the Arrowverse.

I hope he’s in the next crossover.

Why does one have to be better than the other? What’s wrong with Superman having mutual respect for Kara? I think you’re problem has less to do with Batman/Superman having diminished roles in their female counterparts OWN tv show and more to do with sexiest ideology. Batman and Superman have had the limelight for 80 something years, why not give Kara and Kate a chance to shine.


Honestly, I find it endearing that Clark is humble enough to give Kara all the credit he does and very fitting of the character.

I’m not sure what him coming in all macho and stealing the spotlight would accomplish.


@Chad22 Exactly!! Superman isn’t some ego driven god like figure desperate for power, fame or glory, he’s a humble good natured farm boy from Kansas


Batwoman in the crossover was amazing. I don’t think Batman should have his own show in the CW verses but Batwoman should as it be nice seen her and Supergirl team up for few episodes. Do a little world’s finest as that would be amazing.

Though for me if anyone should have a Show on the CW…it should be The Question as that character would fit perfectly with Arrow and The Flash. If not him the The Specture would be amazing. With Riverdale been so Dark. You do a Specture show kind of like Black Mirror where each episode is a different story with a dark ending of different characters of evil they fallow. The Specture can even show up at the end of the episode to take them to judgement.

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It’s not about Superman stealing the spotlight. It’s about how Supergirl and the CW keeps disrespecting the Godfather of comicbooks. In the elseworld finale, Superman was trading blows with Dr. Destiny, he wasn’t able to knock him out and yet Supergirl was able to do it with her heat vision lmao. That’s the disrepect I’m talking about here.


Batman shouldn’t be in the Arrowverse, keep him for the Titans verse


Hell Superman shouldn’t be there but season 1 of supergirl was all about teasing superman because no one cared about her


@theecbplanets the reason why Superman was trading blows with Dr. Destiny is that he would have killed him if he used his X-Ray vision, and Superman doesn’t kill people.

Not sure how Superman was made to look weaker in the latest crossover, I didn’t think that at all.

As for Supergirl beating him the first time. It is in character that he is humble and wouldn’t be Superman if he was saying “Well… well… you only beat me because my mind was being messed with… and the sun was in my eyes”. And don’t have a problem with Superman not being focused when guest starring on Supergirl’s show. it isn’t Superman.

The only problem I ever had with her beating him and them going out of their way to at least heavily imply it was her winning in a 100% fair fight, is it doesn’t make a lot of sense. They are both Kryptonian so they are on equal footing there, so basically it is a girl who only learned how to fight at all 2 years earlier, taking on someone twice her size with years of experience some of it presumably finding ways to beat enemies stronger then him in all those many years. And she wins.

Granted, that same issue was there when she kept out fighting Kryptonian soldiers in season 1, but it can be a hard leap to take. It’s one thing if this was a girl who had Alex Danvers level of combat training, arguably stretches credibility even then but I can go with that. But unless I forgot the specifics in scenarios like that it would make more sense if Supergirl used cunning or smarts to find a way to outmaneuver them… instead of apparently just beat someone twice her size with the same source of super strength who has been in combat for years and years longer because she apparently hit him harder.

I hate the Superman on Supergirl. I thank that this bat girl is like a man.

I personally would love Batman to be in the CW like on the Batwoman show. I’d love to see how CW would make Batman look like so that us cosplayers could finally get a look to what he looks like!:sunglasses: Same goes with TITANS as well