CW’s Supergirl: Lex Luthor

Gotta say, loving Lex in Supergirl. It’s like a whole other show with all the things I liked about Supergirl…kicked up a notch!


agreed, Jon is bringing the bald menace in a way that elevates the entire show while giving weight to previous storylines

Melissa’s fantastic Red Daughter performance, for example, is turned up to eleven in the face of a legitimate threat from a superpowered, super suit-wearing Lex freaking Luthor

When Jon Cryer was announced, I was skeptical. But his performance has erased any doubts, and now he is tied with Michael Rosenbaum as my favorite Lex.

Certainly a better Lex than Jessie Eisenberg.


I’m surprised at the positive comments. Frankly I figured nobody at DC or their affiliates had ever read a Lex Luthor comic the way they have been miscasting him and then the wimper of the Two and a Half Men? Really? I always pictured Lex as more of a Donald Trump sort but maybe I’ll have to give Jon Cryer’s take a shot. But a bald head alone doesn’t make a Lex Luthor.

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He didn’t do too terribly…But given the overall happy-go-lucky tonality to Supergirl, I feel this Lex Luthor is a bit watered down. You definitely get the “mastermind” vibe to this version of Luthor, however. Rosenbaums Luthor evolved and we saw this over time. And I believe it was soul-crushing for fans to see a man who once befriended the man of steel, laughed with him, cried with him, to then to be the man who kills his own father and eventually making himself Clarks worst enemy.

Cryer is a bit of a hard pill to swallow though, because he’s just been DROPPED on our laps. We haven’t had time to really “get to know him”. I didn’t have a problem with him, but… I think I need a few more episodes with him, is what I’m saying.

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Couldn’t have said it better than the 2 comments before mine. Part of ne is glad Lex the character is finally on the show while part of me is sad because it’s Cryer. The difference of how he behaves on Supergirl compared to 2 and A Half Men feels minimal but I think he’s trying, you can just tell he’s new at the serious thing.

My favorite parts with him so far is when he’s walking through the cells telling everyone what chess piece to move and the suit. Other than that I have yet to be surprised or impressed but hard to beat Smallville’s Lex who was pretty much born for the role.

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Yeah and they even threw in the Lex Mech suit. I did not like the CGI to be honest lol. Powers Rangers had better CGI. But… Again, I watch a large majority of the CW shows (except LoT) . So ima stick with it

You know what?? I have a question… What happened to that chic who plays as Reign last season on Supergirl?? I kinda liked her. I forgot what direction they took for her at the end.

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Odette Annable (Who played Reign was the hottest girl on Supergirl).

She left with her daughter after they split her from Reign, she is now coaching her daughter’s soccer team lol What a waste, shoulda kept her around instead of adding Dreamer but Brainy needed a live interest I guess :-L

Oh wow >_>………Yeah that is a waste. A waste of gorgeousness…

Dreamer looks like something I’d see in a Power Rangers episode. And I don’t really understand the need for the transgender story arc?? It doesn’t necessarily provide real DEPTH to the character. I wish they would expound upon more on her ancestry. We all know she’s an early descendant of Saturn Girl.

I just wish Supergirl stopped trying to please everybodys social, gender, and political statuses… It’s annoying.

But I’ll listen to Russian Kara all day :heart_eyes:

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Russian Kara & Reign FTW!!!

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He’s an okay Lex for me. I definitely prefer Agent Liberty as a character.