CW is trying to Copy the Stargirl Model

The CW President, Mark Pedowitz said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter about the proposed Green Arrow and the Canaries show.

“We couldn’t quite figure out a model similar to Stargirl and couldn’t quite get there. We were hoping to have it start at HBO Max and take a second run on The CW, but we couldn’t figure out how to do it and couldn’t make it all work.”

They tried to get the show on HBO Max and the CW at the same time, and they will likely try again to copy the Stargirl model. This would allow a higher budget for their show, while keeping it available to non-HBO Max subscribers. It might also be designed to help get potential crossovers with HBO Max originals.


Interesting idea, wonder if that means Naomi, Wonder Girl and Painkiller will be on both when/if they go to series.


There is a simple rule you can rely on.

You are interested- Slashed budget and inconvenient time.

You are not interested- Great time and huge budget on both networks.

You will respond right after I take a 40 minute nap.


It would have been a win for both. HBO Max would allow a slightly higher budget, but the shows are established on The CW which would draw interest. Not to mention, the Stargirl model applied to DC Universe instead of HBO Max. Hopefully they will be able to work more deals like this in the future though, because the longer versions on HBO Max provide an exclusive to subscribers, with the earlier release date, while the ad revenue from The CW brings in money it would not have generated otherwise. To me, win win. Not everyone can afford to or is willing to subscribe to another streamer. Give them an option of something to watch as well, while making it exclusive to paying customers. I said the same thing about DC Universe. When everyone else got mad that the shows were being offered elsewhere, I saw the positives with having ads bringing in more revenue, giving money to increase the budget of the series and improve upon what we have…


Here is another positive I realized is the mutual benefits (I say this all as a loyal Stargirl viewer). For CW viewers they will likely want to catch up on season 1 or just rewatch an older episode. This would encourage them to get HBO Max too. For HBO Max viewers the commercial for next episode did not air until the CW episode finished. It encouraged me to watch the episode again on CW as background noise or at least tune in for the final minutes to see the trailer.


Please Stop

Probably not going to happen.

When the first season was on DC Universe, I’d watch Stargirl there first because it had no commercials and I could see it in its entirety. Watching it the next night on the CW was interesting. Because the show wasn’t made with commercial breaks in mind, the transition from scene to commercial was abrupt. But, you did get the trailer for next week at the end of the episode, so that was always exciting.

So long as I got the episode, I didn’t care how I saw it. Stargirl was a joy to watch.


They uploaded the trailer on YouTube a few minutes after it aired. I remember refreshing for the episode 10 trailer.


Nice! I didn’t even think to check youtube.