CW - First round, what's your verdict?

With the first week of the shows out. How do you think they are doing?

I’ll start it out.

The Flash 10/10 - Amazing start. We’re getting a great actor for what seems like a great villain. Cisco is putting the perfect music to a badass scene. Great mix of action and character development, and good use of all characters. Also does good work hyping the Crisis. Nice new suit on Frost.

Batwoman 8/10 - Really solid introduction putting us right in there with the important players. Suit isn’t amazing but hopefully this is the rough draft that all heroes had starting out. Great intensity in the fights. Maybe it feels like they are rushing her sister-plot.

Supergirl 3/10 - Off to a rough start. New suit doesn’t work for me. Fight choreography is not working well, there is no flow. Forced storytelling with Superman’s indestructible blanket breaking on a dino and no one caring at all. Lena’s dark development isn’t sold well. Jonn’s brother isn’t the villain to carry a longer arc. I am not really that into what feels like a season of Kara/Lena angst. Upside was Melissa’s acting and the kid did great too.

Black Lightning ?/10 - This show has lost me now. I started watching, but quickly zoned out and started thinking about other things. Turned it off about halfway realizing I wasn’t watching. Couldn’t put a fair grade on it.

So what grades are you handing out? What was your favorite show? Do you think the shows are off to a good start?


For the three I’m following (Batwoman, The Flash and Supergirl), I’m very happy with how they’ve started.


To elaborate, Supergirl was my favorite start. I just heart MB.


I enjoyed the Batwoman pilot. Supergirl was better than expected (I did not like last season, so this really won me over), I might drop Black Lightning because the pacing is too slow and it’s a slog to get through. The Flash was amazing. Next week we have Arrow and I’m looking forward to that.


Flash: 7
Supergirl: 8
Batwoman: 7

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I’d rank Supergirl slightly ahead of Flash and Batwoman, but Black Lightning was my favourite of the week. It did a great job of establishing the new status quo for the show without feeling like table setting for the coming season (like Flash and Supergirl did). But I have high hopes for the Arrow premiere next week.

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I give batwoman 0/10 Which I could give it a lower score

Supergirl 9 out 10

Flash 10 out of 10