CW DC Series Finales and Crisis On Infinite Earths (Spoilers)

I started one thread regarding what is known about Crisis on Infinite Earths to this point but avoided talking about certain tidbits revealed in series finales on the CW DC series.

However, as this is a spoiler thread, here is where we can discuss the tidbits among those of us who have watched every series finale.

Here are some questions to ponder.

  1. Does Oliver Queen really die or does something else happen to him?

  2. Related question: Where did The Monitor take “Future” Felicity?

  3. What could the date change on the headline in STAR Labs time vault possibly mean for The Flash?

  4. Related question: Is there a chance that Nora could come back?

  5. What does The Monitor want with Lex Luthor?

  6. What is The Monitor bringing J’onn J’onzz’s brother to Earth-38 for?

  7. Do you think The Monitor is convinced that the Legends are capable of helping out in the Crisis?

Have fun and feel free to bring up other questions to ponder!

In some other thread a while back, I said that Oliver’s deal with The Monitor was either to exchange his life for Barry and Kara’s or that his deal would somehow involve sealing Star City in a bubble dimension as a way to explain why Arrow characters wouldn’t interact with the other shows once Arrow ends. Based on the Arrow finale, it sounds like my prediction might be close. It seems like Oliver (not Star City) is stuck in a separate dimension from where there is no return and that was probably where The Monitor was taking Felicity.

It seems like Crisis was always planned, but with Arrow ending the date had to be moved up. Nora was a baby when Crisis occurred in 2024, but was erased since in the new early Crisis timeline Barry disappeared before she was conceived. Once things are back to normal there’s a chance she could exist again.

Actually in season 1 of flash , the reverse flash said harrison wells doesnt invent the particle accelerator until 2019. The crisis happens 5 years later in the news article. Since he changed this time to be sooner it only made sense the crisis happens earleir.

Ollie and felicity are the main couple of the cw arrowversd. I fhink the monitor was treating felicity like lois in thd final issue of crisis and allowing her to join ollie in a pocket dimension to live in peace.