CW crisis

I stopped watching flash after season 5, and don’t watch any of the other shows on CW. Is there anything I need to know before I watch Crisis?

You should probably watch at least the latest seasons of the shows. Why are you watching Crisis if you don’t like these characters/shows tho? If it’s just because you want to watch crisis in live action, then don’t worry about catching up.

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I like the characters, but the shows are mostly melodrama targeted at teenage girls. The first season and a half of Flash was great then the next three and a half seasons were a chore to watch. But with the exception of Crisis on Earth X the crossovers are generally good.

Oh, I loved Crisis on Earth X, but that’s okay. We can all have our own opinions :grin:. But yeah, I would at least watch this most recent seasons of The Flash and Arrow. The crossover events are usually good at getting all viewers up to speed on what’s been happening on each show. That being said, if you didn’t like Earth X, then I doubt you’d like this event either since they appear to be VERY similar. That’s just my thoughts though. No matter what, I hope you enjoy what you choose to do.

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I liked last years crossover. And it’s directly related to this years, so I think that more indicative of whether or not I like this one. Thanks

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You make it sound like there’s something wrong with that :laughing:

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There is nothing wrong with that, I’m not the target audience and I’m ok with that. There is plenty of content made that is for me. That is the beauty of the multiverse, they can make as many versions of these characters as they want, and not all of them have to connect with me.

I know people who quit watching due to some of the political crap examples gun conteol illegal immigration among orhers

I’d say the last 4 pre-criss episodes of Arrow and the last 4 pre-crisis episodes of Flash. No need to bother with Supergirl, Batwoman or Black Lightning if the CWVERSE isn’t your cup of tea.

And I know a couple of people who’ve started watching because of the “political crap”. It all balances out.

Thank you, this is the best answer I have gotten

The Elseworld’s crossover from last year is the introduction to Crisis I would recommend those 3 episodes first.

I’m the same, I’m waiting for the shows to be streaming on here so I can pick it all back up and watch it all.

I couldn’t agree more. For my money, Crisis on Earth-X has been the best thing to come out of the Arrowverse, and I’m so glad they’re back to doing a crossover w/ actual stakes and an even greater scope than Elseworlds

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Update on this, I just watched the first episode of it and it’s all pretty straight forward. The only two things I had to look up afterwards is Oliver has a daughter from the future and the new Wells unleashed the anti monitor. But even both of those things were said in the episode.

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I say to catch up with the recent seasons to get up to speed with the crossover event. Though Elseworlds is a nice prelude to Crisis.