CW arrowverse

Who enjoys the CW arrowverse shows? Which one is your favorite and why? I like The Flash because it’s funny but also has good action and storylines to the seasons.

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I think they are all enjoyable at times. They all seem to have highs and lows. Right now I enjoying Legends of Tomorrow. It’s very stupid but always manages to give me a chuckle. Supergirl is good but a little to relevant to what is going on the real world right now. I love how they can relate their shows to today’s issues but sometimes you watch shows like these to escape the real world.


Legends is a beautiful idiot.

I watch all the arrowverse shows.
LoT is by far my fav. It can be serious at times but never takes itself to seriously. They’re a bunch of misfits flying around time trying to un-fustercluck history screwed up by magical spirits.
If people can’t find amusement and escapism from that, than best of luck to them

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I can see where they are best suited to be “deeper involved” & less pure escapism than any other show. If any of those shows icon heroes carries the mantle of social advocate poster-Hero, it’s Supergirl. Which ultimately makes sense,

I watch them all and Flash is my favorite! I love Thawnes arc this season. However bringing Constantine into LoT has made it a close 2nd

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For me it is The Flash (big surprise, right? lol) Then Arrow and Supergirl. Supergirl is a little too focused on making statements paralleling life. Legend’s was one of my favs too. I stayed with Black Lightning until season 1 ended. I know it is not CW, but I have to say I really enjoyed Krypton.

The flash beats arrow for me just a bit but side note I don’t like how they made killer frost a good guy just saying