CW Arrows Sin. What happened?

Ok so I was looking around out of curiosity and everyone online said Arrow never used her again…Fan Theory. I think not long after she was last seen in Arrow she ended up in iZombie. That show the episode before the season 1 finale was like roughly 2015…there was the same actress in the same outfit. Doubt they said her name she acted like Sin as well and (SPOILERS) died. I think it was a Cheeky way CW killed her off. In Easter Egg fashion.

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What ever happened to Wildcat or Linda Park?


It looked like Wildcat died due to his injuries in the battle with Brick, but Marc Guggenheim said he is still alive. The character was apparently just written out because J.R. Ramirez was working on another show.

As for Linda Park, there are three versions of the character. The first is a TV reporter played by Olivia Cheng who appeared on Arrow reporting about the particle accelerator. This footage is also used in the pilot episode of The Flash. Malese Jow played the next two versions. The Earth-1 version was a newspaper reporter who temporarily dated Barry and left town after her doppelganger and Zoom tried killing her. The third Linda was an Earth-2 metahuman called Dr. Light. Team Flash captured her but she escaped and was never seen again.

Sin is in 13 Reasons Why S03

Bex Taylor-Klaus moved on to other roles (as noted, they currently have a role in 13 Reasons Why, but were previously part of the Voltron Legendary Defender cast for 8 seasons as the voice of Pidge) and Sin was just forgotten about .

I love Bex Taylor-Klaus! I was so excited to see that actor cast on Arrow. Then very disappointed when Sin was under-utilized and just dropped. Glad Bex has gone on to other things.

In case anyone is wondering why I used the pronoun “they” in relation to Bex, it’s because she came out as trans non-binary last year and expressed a personal preference for that pronoun (as well as the pronoun “them”).

She came back for that documentary style episose last season


The Actor came back…but from the character perspective of Sin we don’t know what year that was filmed. Her recorded interview from the story perspective could have been before she left Star City changed their name and moved to Seattle to die in iZombie or moved and then changed their name. From the character perspective we don’t know.

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Just like Transformers, they forget about who’s left.

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Also I saw Lucifer will be in Crisis so maybe the Vertigo shows are connected and that was in fact Sin…