Cutting Movies to fit into time slots or censoring

I just finished watching the 1978 Superman. It has been over 25 years since I last saw it but I remember enough to know several scenes were cut. I think all the scenes removed dealt with Lex Luthor’s nubile assistant. So my question is, was the movie trimmed so it fit into a particular time frame, or is there a rule to the DC Universe movies that keeps semi nudity out?

This site has the 1978 theatrical cut. You might be remembering one of the other cuts of the film: the 1980s ABC TV version or the 2001 Special Edition.


I don’t think so, but maybe.

OK, watched the new Harley Quinn episode last night. Immediately after I watched “Watchmen” on DC Universe and once again I saw that scenes had been removed. The removed scenes, at least the one I remember, was not a racey one. So my theory now is that some of these movies have been trimmed to make them fit in a slot.

Or maybe you’ve seen the director’s cut of Watchmen in the past? It’s the theatrical cut on here.


I think that is the most likely case.

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Usually when a movie is edited for time or content WITHOUT a warning before airing the movie, it is on big network TV like ABC, FOX, NBC, etc. or a network that is known for that - family networks like a Hallmark channel - and most of the time when a movie is aired on another outlet like TCM or IFC or HBO or Starz it is unedited or condensed (although sometimes or frequently it is interrupted by ad breaks,) or if it is edited or condensed it is revealed in a disclaimer upon start of the showing, although sometimes or frequently it is interrupted by ad breaks.