Cute DC Stuff I Found

Here are some cute things I found relating to DC Comics. I hope these had a big role in introducing kids to the wonderful world of DC.

First, here’s a thing that used to be at my local mall. You know those little kiddie rides that when you put coins in, makes noise and moves in a weird way? Well, there’s a Superman version of them. It’s him “stopping” the vehicle you’re in. It was made in 2000 and plays the Superman TAS theme.

This actually got me to watch Superman TAS. I thought the theme was beautiful, so I watched the Nostalgia Critic’s review of the first three episodes. I started watching the series proper last week on vacation. It’s SO good! I’m currently up to season 2 episode 1.

They also have a Batman version…

It spins around! It’s so cute!! And it plays the New Batman Adventures theme…

Here’s one you MAY have seen already, but it’s cute, so I decided to put it here for those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s an old Cartoon Network bumper from 1998, that played a role in ‘00s kids’ childhoods.

My favorite parts are “Can I get a seahorse?” and the entire ending… Lex Luthor forgetting Brainiac’s name for a few seconds before finally shouting “…BRAINIAC, WHAT IS IT?!” That’s literally what I say every time I see Brainiac now.

Here’s something that I remember from my childhood that pretty much got me into DC Comics…

It’s why I know a lot of the characters. Playing this and Injustice around the same time ensured that I would one day grow up to be a DC superfan. Also thank Six Flags.

Here’s something else that I remember from when I was a kid, that is very cute…

My mom loves Sesame Street and has been watching it ever since she was little (having a non-verbal son really helps.) She’d bought the Old School DVDs to show us classic Sesame Street. It’s actually pretty funny. This is not the exact one I watched, but there was one on a specific DVD that had Superman rescue Lois Lane from a giant ape. THAT was probably the first time I ever saw Superman and Lois Lane. I’d seen Robin (Teen Titans version) in my really early childhood, but I think that specific sketch was the first time I was even exposed to Superman. The video I linked is COPPA’d, but the comments were really funny… hardcore DC Comics fans coming into a Sesame Street video’s comments. (One of them was “Superiority, as in ‘Must I remind you of my superiority?’”)

That’s all I have for now. I’ll update this when I find more cute DC stuff.


I’ve never seen those DC related mall rides before, I would have LOVED those when I was a kid!


I wish I had rode the Superman one. Yet I wasn’t exactly a fan of kiddie rides, and I wasn’t really into DC. By the time I played Scribblenauts Unmasked, the mall remodeled and got rid of the kiddie rides. My original character rode it as the mall is 45 minutes from where she lived at the time, and of course she loved it as she read the comics and watched the cartoon. I have a picture taken of where the ride once was, I like to say that Brainiac finally won. At least I have Superman Ultimate Flight 2 hours away. Hopefully I get to go next week with dad and ride it first thing.