Cussing at DC Daily?

The folks at DC Daily have been told they can’t cuss during the show, yet every other show in this platform is “eff this” and “eff that”… so why the hypocrisy? :confused:


Yeah, it’s really weird how the DC Universe Originals, DC Daily, and the community board all have different rules. I’m guessing it has to do in part with having to pay people to bleep out the cussing. They also post DC Daily clips to YouTube for monetization and YouTube is very strict on cussing because of their advertisers.


@xoxomar, I see where you’re coming from. Folks say the same thing about our profanity guidelines in the forums. There are some important distinctions to make, however. For one, the DC Daily content and the forums are both available for free, in DC Daily’s case, on YouTube as well. This changes the rules quite a bit, since DC Universe’s original content is available and explicitly provided on an 18+ service.

Additionally, it is about what it is this content is representing. DC Daily hosts, as well as the behavior of the forums, is representing the professionalism of the company. The expected decorum and standards change. It’s a bit like why we change ratings from one movie to another based on its content, and the expected audiences change. Our audiences for DC Daily and the forums are different. They’re much broader, and we want to make sure we are accommodating the expectations of that audience.

Is it fair to say that you do not expect cussing in Teen Titans Go!, even though they cuss in Titans, and they are the same characters? Audience expectations change when the content shifts.

Additionally, the content on these Original series live in a fictional and creative realm. It is not acting as the official representative of the company voice- it is a fantastical universe that creators are stretching their abilities in. We are the ones who cover and discuss these topics.

I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn’t I’m happy to peel back more onion layers if there are more questions.


lol I’m lurking through the boards just seeing whats been posted and omg @Applejack you killed that response​:clap::clap:


It’s a fair question we get a lot! So I’ve had to practice :sweat_smile:
It was really fun to write the profanity guidelines for the forums when we got started, too. “They can say this word, but not if it’s used as a verb against someone” :rofl: So silly, but necessary!


I can see from the professional side of things. I used to work somewhere where cursing was absolutely forbidden. But at my current job, if I let one slip if I get in an accident or tire out from the physical stress of manual labor, granted the swearing isn’t aimed at someone in a malicious manner, the managers will usually ignore it. And because my work doesn’t cater towards kids, I tend to write characters that curse like sailors. Around friends and family, I tend to let a few words slip and they don’t mind, but I wouldn’t curse like a sailor in any of my managers’ faces, not unless I want to get fired.

Tl;dr, There’s a time and place for casual swearing. Context is key.




*because my written works doesn’t cater towards kids


@Applejack, I didn’t have my glasses on for a second and I thought those were “the finger” emojis.

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Maybe a DC Daily After Dark show? I’d watch that, lol.

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Hahaha!! Oh man, you may have detected the loophole, @Behemoth.Ravelord facepalm