Currently watching Watchmen, commentary to come

First, love the opening credit sequence, maybe that’s because I really like The Times They Are A Changin


Ozymandias outside studio 54 with Bowie and the village people
Very subtle Snyder


On a more serious note the cinematography is extremely stylized which both provides a very cool comic book like tone but can be a little jarring

Ok I’m going to go and enjoy the movie


Hope you like it, I watched the theatrical cut a while back and I loved it.


It’s hardly the worst movie that could be made out of Watchmen.

But why would you ever try to fit Watchmen into one film?

And why would you use so much slow motion when you’re already having to rush through the story?

I’ll say that I like it more than 300 or Man of Steel, but I strongly prefer Batman v Superman and all four luscious hours of Justice League.


Okay I’m about halfway through. Overall, I like it, I think it captures the tone and feel of the book. I feel like Ozymandias gets some more attention which I like bc I find his character endlessly fascinating (side note, I was suspicious of the actor being far younger than book oz but the actor just kills it so I’m willing to forgive that.”
It does feel rushed, but maybe that’s because it takes way less time for me to watch a movie than to read a book. I do think Laurie and Dan’s relationship got really rushed and honestly their actors didn’t have the chemistry of their book counterparts.
I did really like all the performances, especially Rorschach, Ozymandias, and The Comedian

I wish the movie made use of the dramatic lighting and striking colors in the book and I felt it seemed a little dull and washed out.

The cinematography is really jumpy and stylized, which is cool in some moments and kind of distracting in others, and honestly I don’t have my feelings sorted out about it.


And now for my extremely petty grievances!

I think because the movie was so close to the book anything that got left out or changed stuck out

The opening scene of the hippy girl putting the flower in the gun barrel was a cool image but I feel obliged to mention the original photo was of a young gay man. Not important, not the filmmakers fault, as I said, this is The Petty List

They cut Laurie and Dan’s Devo running joke which is unfortunate because I like Devo

Adrian should have been 30-70% more purple and more blond

There’s a panel in the comic where Laurie and Dan are lying on the couch and the lighting is such that Dan looks blue and his appearance parallels Jon’s and I thought that was neat


Ok it’s almost over where are The Bernies

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