Current Wonder Woman Series Discussion Thread

Ah no worries, her son was Marvin, a junior superhero from back in the 60s Superfriends cartoon/comic.

Diana Prince is admittedly a bit of a long shot, I just figure if they are taking this long to build up Steve seeing someone, its going to really be a curve ball to surprise readers.

And yeah, its quite neat that we are getting Villainy Inc again. Im looking forward to seeing what they do.


Okay, that’s why the animation style looked familiar! I’ve only seen little clips here and there from Superfriends. Interesting stuff!


Yeah, the comic version of Superfriends established it to be a program run by the Justice League to train junior heroes in crime fighting as a sort of mentorship program.

But putting that aside, I just want to say im really loving all the story beats that are building up in Wonder Woman with this current run. Between this and the Nubia mini’s, ive been delightfully spoiled on content


It’s definitely a great time to be a Wonder Woman fan. :blush: Are you reading Wonder Woman Evolution as well?


I started it? But when the Trials event started I needed to cut Evolution off so I could afford the tie in books. At this point I think i’ll just wait for it to pop up on DCUI as well, because my wallet needs to recover some Which shouldn’t be to long since theres no longer a Wonder girl book and the Nubia mini is only four issues

I might try out the dark crisis book if i hear good things about how Yara is used in it? Im hearing rumors that she wont necesarily be on the final team so im not sure


Oh man, I feel this. I have been limiting myself to strictly Wonder Woman-themed subscriptions outside of DCUI lately. I almost stopped on Evolution (it’s interesting but I’m not as into it as I was with TOTA and Nubia) - but anyway it’s almost finished now so I’ll keep going.

I don’t think I’ll be reading Dark Crisis until it comes to DCUI. Interested to hear your thoughts on it and what Yara’s involvement ends up being, though!


I confess, when it comes to the Esquecida, im far more interested in Potira than Yara. She just seems so neat~


On a random note, I find it fascinating how this current run is using Doctor Psycho.

When we are first introduced to him in this run we find out that he is able to astral project his consciousness into the realm of the gods and even manipulate reality within it to create constructs that could talk and move, mimicing the power of Wonder Woman.

Traveling to the astral plane was a whole thing in the golden age which happened all the time, and the construct creation was straight out of his bag of tricks in that era.

Then when we see him later on, he is using a puppeted victim as a glorified telephone who he sends leaping off a roof. Which at this point has become one of his signature tricks its been used so many times at this point.

This runs really using Psycho to his fullest as a piece of scum