Current Weekly Issue Discussions?

Yes, I’m aware that all the "new " issues arrive on this platform a year after their release date, but I was wondering if there are ever structured discussions about the actual new stuff? Is there a weekly discussion that I’m missing? Or are all the discussions structured around the books arriving on DC Universe?

The nice thing about using library only comics is that everybody can read the stories and contribute.

Secondly current comics are very expensive, so people can only buy a few.

Thirdly, because of the expense, there might be few who read the titles you want to discuss.

Fourthly, many people wait for the trade, since it takes 6 issues to get one story, unlike in the past. Many issues are filler issues to pad the trade. Both Tomasi and King have had recent series of issues where the plot is a hallucination, or at least not everything is real.

Fifthly, even those people who do buy a lot of comics cant or wont finish reading them quickly. I have seen in the threads members who bought the comic and are waiting for the arc to complete, before starting reading.

Finally, when looking backwards, it is more likely that the title selected is of better quality and thus it can be a better use of everybody’s time, resulting in better discussions.

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@TurokSonOfStone1950 I feel like Tom King’s extended dream sequence is less about filler and more because he thinks it’s deep. It’s not, but it seems like that’s what he thinks.

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Hope you doing good @Turock

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It’s also easier to lead a discussion when you know where a story is going.

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When i contribute to the discussions I forget about the numbness and pain in my legs momentarily.

I just wish i could sleep.

So hanging in there. Thanks for asking.

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I agree about the cost of comics.

They’ve become a luxury item that’s gotten harder to justify buying.

Stories have become padded for trades, meaning you have to buy at least six issues to get a story that, at most, would’ve been in two. Cost: Around $25.00
And if you lose interest midway, you wasted about $12.

If you wait for the trade, you’re spending a bit less. But then you have to buy the whole thing. So, if you get one issue into the story and don’t like it, you have a $20 paperweight.

What I had been doing recently, was buying the first issue (digitally) of a comic that really interests me to show support.
Then put the next issues into my wishlist as they’re released and wait for them to go on sale.

But more often than not, by the time they go on sale, the title is either cancelled or has a change of direction leading me to drop it.

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