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A nice chap recommend me the Vendetti Hawkman and i picked up the first issue and it’s great. What other current books should i look into?

If it’s a longer book , recommend a good jumping on point.


Same author

Freedomn Fighters mini series


I think Venditti’s Hawkman and Morrison’s The Green Lantern are the best books from DC right now. Id give them 5/5 so far.

Followed by: Freedom Fighters bt Venditti, DCeased by Tom Taylor, The Terrifics by Lemire and then Yang(Ive only read Lemires part tho and it was absolutely stellar), Batman Who Laughs by Snyder and Jock, Justice League Dark by James Tynion. 4.5/5 so far.

Then: Wonder Twins by Mark Russell, Martian Manhunter by Orlando, Shazam by Johns, Young Justice by Bendis, Naomi by Bendis, Detective Comics by Tomasi. 4/5 so far.

Id recommend all the above, anything thats 3.5+ is pretty good in my rating system.

Im not caught up on Bendis’s Superman or Snyders JL.


You really can’t go wrong with AC

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Some of the current titles I dig (most of these are not on DCU and won’t be for a while):

-Young Justice. My favorite Bendis DC book. It’s alot of fun and puts a new spotlight on the character Amethyst and her home of Gemworld. Plus, the Conner Kent Superboy is back!

-The Terrifics. Everything you’ve heard about this series is true. For a jumping on point, Gene Luen Yang’s run started at #15 (16 is the newest issue), so that’s that.

Honestly, I’d start at #1 as the whole series has been a gas so far with fun and terrificness. The first two issues are on DCU.

-Superman. It’s the best of Bendis’ two ongoing Superman books, and it also features wonderful artwork by Ivan Reis. Issue 15 (due in September) will also feature the Legion of Super-Heroes!

-Shazam! If you’ve seen the movie and want more wizardly wonderful action and adventure, this is the book for you. Geoff Johns’ writing is, as always, on point.

-The Green Lantern. Supremely superb sci-fi from Grant Morrison.

I hope some of those recommendations can be of assistance.


My favorite books right now are The Green Lantern and Wonder Twins. Also good are Justice League, Martian Manhunter, and, as someone else mentioned, Freedom Fighters.


Gotham Central
2002 Catwoman
Alan Moore Swamp Thing
Gotham City Sirens

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Morrison’s green lantern
Green arrow
Mister miracle
Super sons

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