Current pull lists

So I know this has been posted before but I wasnt able to find the thread so I figured I’d start a new one.

What current series are on your pull lists/subscriptions, not just DC titles either? I started with 2 series but seem to add a new one every month I go in.
My list is:
Action comics
Detective comics
Justice league
Spider man
Spider girls
Realm ( a recent find I’m hoping to find more like it)
Harley quinn
And I always ask that they pull the first issue of every new marvel and dc series.

What are everyone’s pull lists and suggestions( especially for those lesser known titles)


Image titles: Redneck. Murder Falcon. Middlewest. Gideon Falls. Southern Bastards.

Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man. Daredevil. Doctor Strange. Thor. Venom. Guardians Of The Galaxy.

DC: Hawkman. The Flash. Catwoman. Naomi. Young Justice. Shazam. Batman.

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Hawkman is my favorite DC book. Glad to see others have it on their pull!


I’ve found hawkman to be probably my second favorite currently running comic. And I got lucky enough to get the 1st issue in a grab bag which got me into it. Otherwise I probably would have passed on the series.