Current Justice League run

What are your thoughts on Justice League so far? I worry if it’s just me when I say that I’m not exactly…getting it? Mind you, I did read Snyder’s Metal series.

Perhaps it’s one of those kinda of comic runs that need refreshers every now and then. Otherwise, feels a little too much on exposition and the such. But I have been collecting every issue so far!

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I like the current Justice League series. It’s not my favorite current JL title (that’d be Justice League Odyssey) but it is fun and I enjoy its twice per month releases.

It’s gradually been building to bigger and bigger things. One of the biggest events occurred in the first annual of the series, when the Source Wall was destroyed.

Mr. Mxyxzptlk is in the latest issue as is a Starro Robin. Fun!


I’ve been enjoying the current Justice League run quite a bit. The artwork is fantastic and I really like how “out there” Snyder has been with his ideas. The scope of the story has this really big feel to it that I appreciate. I just hope it has a satisfying finish to this current threat and I’m very curious where they plan to go next.

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Definitely, agree with Vroom, JL Oddysey is quite possibly my favorite comic title I am reading at the moment. But as far as the main JL title, I think it is intriguing. Snyder is operating at such a large scale, that sometimes it is hard to have perspective on the story as a whole. So far it’s been decent, and i’m always interested in what will happen next. I’ve read every issue, and have never hated one, just feel like it should be toned down a bit sometimes. The art by itself is worth the price of each issue anyways.

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I have been reading Scott Snyder’s JL run since the beginning, and I have a difficult time following exactly where’s it’s going.