current batman/family continuity question

ok so basically im curious what kind of timeline we are currently looking at with the events of detective comics, batman, justice league, the batman who laughs, nightwing, and red hood.

so how do these mesh together in continuity? like obviously batman is very busy in all of these stories, and it appears that tom kings batman, nightwing, and red hood all have concur amt events. but it seems that justice league and the batman who laughs spin off are tied due to the legion of doom issue (#9 maybe? cant remember right now). yet there doesn’t seem to be time between whats going on with justice league and whats going on with the batman who laughs series. and i absolutely cant figure out where the events of detective comics fall in, to any of it. we also have dark nights metal being tied into justice league

i only started collecting last year, so i know i have alot to learn, but do they go on in different time frames, are these back to back events, are these comics each in their own section of the multiverse? am i not supposed to ask this question and just go with it?

like i know that batman damned is outside continuity, and that last knight on earth is kind of their end vision for the new 52 batman, and obviously white knight is just its own stand alone thing, but i was under the impression that these main runs were supposed to be linked. but is nightwing still rick grayson in whats going on in detective comics? when did batman have time for the batman who laughs shenanigans while hes dealing with the source wall breaking, and going to the 6th dimension?

some clarity would be nice, because im pretty confused on this when i actually think about it.