Curious Question - FB Group

I’m a member of the DC Universe Facebook group in addition to being a Community member. Pretty sure the FB group is fan made and not handled by the same admin team. But that’s not why I’m posting this.

If your also a part of the FB group, how do you feel about it? I just seem to constantly see a whole bunch of hate being posted in that group. I love to discuss and even argue to a degree over certain DC topics. But I’m starting to think that the people on this community site is a better place for that. Because that FB group has a lot of dominating views and opinions that make it seem small minded and even ignorant.


I am fine with it. I get to debate people and read through many opinions.


I’m not in that group, but I don’t like drama, and wading into the comment section of any post on all of Facebook is asking for drama. It’s just people trying to talk over each other and be the loudest- you’re much better off here with us, in a great community that has a great group of admins watching out for us.


Think I tried it once then left, wasn’t sure if I was really part of the official DC Universe Infinite Facebook group page, it was hard to tell so I left.

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