Curious About Tomorrow’s Snyder Cut

I’m re-watching the original Justice league before tomorrow’s relase of the Snyder Cut and got to wondering, did Zack Snyder base this movie off of any certain comic storyline? Or did he just take the Justice League idea and run with it. I obviously know that there’s a million Justice League comics, but just wondering if he had a specific issue he was basing it on.

Also, i’m fairly new to comics. I’m almost done with all of the Injustice series (on Injustice 2 now). So i’m not too familiar with past series. If anyone has any reading suggestions feel free to add them as well!

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There are a few comics it seems to draw on for inspiration. The first is JLA: Rock of Ages, as told in 1997’s JLA #10-15. The second is Justice League: Origin, as told in 2011’s Justice League #1-6 — specifically regarding Cyborg’s role. There’s also a little bit of The Return of Superman in there, with, you know… the return of Superman. But for the most part, this is an original story.

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I think there is some Darkseid War in it.