I feel that the dc universe should add more crossovers , especially those done with marvel, dark horse, image and dynamite

They really can’t… I mean they just don’t have the rights to those characters. How would they split the profit with Marvel or Dark Horse. It’s just not feasible. That being said, there are a couple on here, ie Batman and Alien. But that’s not quite the same when it comes to licensing characters like Spider-Man or whatever.

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Marvel universe can also do it on their app. As well as dark horse and image on theirs everybody would win.

It just doesn’t work like that. Would be promoting characters for competitors and the way the marketplace is now they dont see the benefit

Except you need to account for how much subscriptions cost on each platform and I don’t even know how you would account for how much a person viewing a comic on each platform would account for in money. It can’t just be, “hey we all get to use these comics whenever we want.” There has to be contracts and lawyers and we need to decide who gets more value and therefore less money out of the deal. And @LK3185 is right. You’d be promoting your competitor. It’s just not how business works.

its more likely that you would get reprints in the physical form but again, that would have to be agreed upon

All the comic publishers license characters from other sources. The trouble with digital is how long is the license good for. Dark Horse had Conan and now it’s back with Marvel. It’s best to buy physical copies of those crossovers. I’d love to see JLA/Avengers reprinted. Right now JLA/Black Hammer is coming out so crossovers are happening.

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