Crossovers - Berlanti DC shows

Will there be a crossover with Titans,Arrow, Flash, & SuperGirl?
That’s be dope!

Not likely because one is on a streaming app and the others are on tv

Yet, they integrated Constantine and Flash 1990 as “part of the arrowverse” yet those shows existed before, so how they are part of it still confuses me. Next thing you know, Batman 1989 might be part of the arrowverse. While these sentences may seem irrelevant, the point is if Berlanti can stick his sticky (literally) little fingers into other shows, who’s to say he can’t do the same with Titans.

Well technically speaking Titans, Black Lightning, the Superman movies, the new DCEU movies, the Batman movies, 66 Batman series, Wonder Woman, Superboy, Lois and Clark, the old Shazam and ISIS shows are all part of the Arrowverse.
Flash is the first show I have seen that has the multiverse or even make mention of the multiverse. So by saying those shows are in the multiverse then they are part of the Arrowverse.

By that logic, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Thor, Injustice 2, etc. are all part of the arrowverse. That is one reason why I hate crossovers. In order for successful crossovers to occur, they need to share creators. The 1990 Flash had no correlation to the Arrow shows and I believe the same with Constantine. So, by bringing crossovers with no shared staff or writer, the integrity of the source material utilized for the crossover becomes compromised. Essentially, it is like taking Richard Donner’s take on Superman and writing a crossover that is written by Quentin Tarantino.

Word is if Constantine would have received a full first season, Stephen Amelia was going to show up on Constantine. When NBC didn’t order the full season, and eventually cancelled the series all together, they worked a story to bring Constantine to Arrow.

My guess is Black Lightning will be added to the crossover next year. Berlanti is a producer for Titans, so I wouldn’t totally write that one off either. Perhaps it’ll be connected to the Batwoman series that’s coming up?

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Stupid spellcheck.

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They could use Titans in a Crossover with the upcoming Batwoman series. They could use it to help promote the show and try to get new subscribers.

Where did you see that Stephen Amell would have appeared on Constantine?