Crisis on Infinite Earths

Who else thinks that Superman will end of dying in the Arrowverse crossover next year in a role reversal from the comic.

I hope he won’t, but I feel like it’s inevitable.

He has a wife and most likely a newborn child. No chance. Supergirl is ultimately a positive show. They are not going to leave Jon without his dad.

Though I have to say - having Jon orphaned and raised by Kara would be a dramatically new angle - I just don’t see it happening.

Arrow on the other hand is a dark enough show for it.

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It’s probably gonna be Oliver that dies. He made some unseen deal with the Monitor at the end of the Elseworlds crossover and Arrow is ending. If I had to put money on anyone making the heroic sacrifice, it’d be him.

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Tom Welling is supposed to be on Arrow next year, it’s possible he’ll be the Superman of Earth-90 (in Elseworlds it looked like the Smallville Green Arrow was one of the dead heroes from 90s Flash’s universe, so that would make Welling their Kal-El) and he makes the sacrifice instead.


I just watched the crossovers so I am late to the conversation. Did not realise that a lot of people had discussed this back in December.


I have a feeling its gonna be Oliver Queen who dies, he made that deal to save Barry andKara. The show Arrow is coming to an end.

Interesting, but I am not sure DC would let them do that if they wanted to. I mean yeah this is not the main comics, but killing him off like that is the kind of thing a company tends to not let others do to their characters like that. And Superman is well… Superman.

I agree with most it will likely be Oliver who dies, possibly someone else but almost surely him. Between the deal with The Monitor and his show ending right before Crisis should be airing it seems a given. Only thing having me wondering is it seems almost too obvious they might throw us a curve. But just can’t see them killing off Kara or Barry for obvious reasons (this isn’t the comics, killing of Barry could kill a successful show). Yeah they could kill off one of the legends but wouldn’t have the same impact so would be a bad bait and switch. Thing one of the legends or more might die, just don’t think it will be the payoff to any mislead on Oliver.

I think the events of Crisis will be used to explain why Arrow is ending. If Oliver doesn’t die, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens that would place Star City in its own pocket universe to cut it off from the other CW shows. This would allow Arrow to have a happily ever after send off as well as explain why the Arrow characters won’t be showing up on the other shows.

Maybe Ollie, Felicity, Roy, and Malcolm Merlyn (he died off camera) pass over to the “other side” the way Earth-Two Lois and Clark did along with Superboy-Prime and Alexander Luthor at the end of the original COIE?

I assume that after Arrow ends, there will still be call backs for the characters on the remaining and new shows.

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Superman probably won’t die since there’s rumors of him getting his own show most likely Oliver queen and some of the legends probably will die

I think John Wesley Shipp’s 90’s Flash will die instead of Grant’s Flash

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