Crisis On Infinite Earths.

It looks like the arrowverse is doing it. Will they cancel the flash do to Barry’s death or will they change his fate? What did Oliver propose to the Montior in order to get him to change the fate of Barry and Kara? Will batwoman or the Batman be involved? Will some of the shows get canceled? What’re your opinions?

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Also will a Superman ever exist on earth 1? I seen a post about how the cw should rewrite the events of supergirl and put them on earth 1. I completely agree with that.

So many possibilities if they are actually going to completly reboot every show, which I really hope so

It’s gonna be awesome man.

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Long wait but 2019 will be huge for comic book films and shows

I love that they are planning ahead. It’s gonna be awesome! There are too many possibilities for me to wrap my head around.


With Psycho Pirate realities will be twisted & transformed worse than the monitor. He’s nothing nice, & it ended with him looking as he was about to start chaos. Can’t wait either way.

I think it’s really ambitious of them to attempt a “Crisis” event. I’ll be very curious to see how that plays out. I think the biggest outcome will be merging all the earths into one, so Supergirl doesn’t have to breech/vibe to Earth-1 and visa-versa. :man_shrugging: But we all know the biggest events in the original story were the deaths of Barry Allen and Supergirl. :pleading_face: They kinda teased that with this crossover.

I’m betting it’s the John Wesley Ship Earth 90’s Flash that will die in the next crossover.

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Definitely agree they will probably merge Supergirl’s earth with Earth-1. Which would explain why Batwoman is apparently going to be set on Earth-1, when having it Supergirl’s earth seemed more logical.

Don’t know what else they will do, The Flash is going strong so don’t believe they will kill him off as his show will be just starting a new season by then, and seems unlikely they will have Wally take over.

Killing off Green Arrow would seem more logical, the thing is unless it gets a short season 8, or season it not going to happen be hard to kill him off unless they have someone take over, and again seems unlikely. And if they cancel Arrow so there is no season 8, it will be pretty obvious he is going to be killed off.

Will be interesting though, am afraid that they can’t live up to the hype as the reality of TV won’t allow them to likely change things to the level the comics did, but fans will spend a year speculating and thus be let down by whatever will likely not equal the story they make up in their head.

But I am on board.

Red Daughter Supergirl becomes Power Girl at the end of this season and she dies in Kara’s place, and yeah JWS’s Flash takes Gustin’s place on the chopping block. Or it’ll be another multiverse version of the 2 characters, or both shows will…nah, the Monitor can’t be THAT cruel :smirk:

Yes, I kept posting about how that Supergirl was punching a tunnel in Kaznia & never showed up in the Crossover. I thought PG right away was expecting her.

I just wonder how far they’ll go with guest stars ?
1.Just imagine Burt Ward as a retired Robin/Nightwing training a new Batman.

  1. Imagine Kevin Conroy as the older Bruce Wayne and Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash from the DCAU Earth .

  2. It would be the perfect opportunity to add the DC Universe show characters and some from Gotham and Krypton too.

I think Arrow might call next season its last, and be replaced by Batwoman on the schedule. Crisis will merge Earth-38 and possibly Black Lightning’s Earth (whichever that is) into Earth-1, neither Barry nor Kara will die. I’d love to see random DC cameos, like David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova showing up, or Natalie Morales as Green Flame, or someone from one of the shows here.

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If they can bring the 90s Flash into the Arrowverse for a Crisis event, when are they going to bring Black Lightning into a Cross-over event? And when do we get to see Batman?!