Crisis on Infinite Earths what-if

What if DC decided they were going to unite the DC cinematic universe, the CW universe, the Titans universe, animated universe, and any of the actors from the past I.e. (Christian Bale Batman, Michael Keaton, Brandon Routh) and decided to pool them all together and do a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” style arc. I know that would never happen, but wow would that be cool.

DONT MAKE THIS TOO CONGESTED! I grew up on Baleman and Tobey Spider-Man so I would always believed universes should not be so vast. Maybe a good 20 heroes or so. Get a good 20 characters to fight a unique villain.

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I’m just saying wouldn’t it be cool to see something that massive paying homage to everything DC is good or bad

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It would but it would be like Infinity War.Kind of a mess

It would be cool, but only if Geoff Johns was heavily involved.

True. Johns would be like “See? I connected and made all those terrible movies and shows (plus the good ones) meaningful and connected. TOTAL FAN SERVICE

I don’t think Bale or Keaton’s Batman would work in a Crisis on Infinite Earth’s scenario, also they have zero interest in being Batman if Burton and Nolan aren’t doing it. The story might work better as a video game.

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