Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser

I don’t know if this has been shared on here, but can’t find it. So assuming it hasn’t been I just came across…

The Crisis On Infinite Earths Teaser


I’m VERY excited for this! I was a little disappointed in the first crossover but still enjoyed it. The second was done better than I expected. So I expect this third one to blow me away! :muscle:t3:

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It’s the perfect amount of tease!

If past years are any indication, we should get a full trailer by the end of the month, but a part of me is really hoping they show us as little as humanly possible so everything will be a surprise.

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sees the quick shot of KC Superman

I’ll let this former Superman alum share my thoughts regarding that other former Superman alum.


This would be the sixth crossover (Flash vs Arrow, Legends set-up, Invasion, Crisis on Earth-X, Elseworlds and now Crisis on Infinite Earths)


The only thing that has me excited for this crossover is the surplus of Easter eggs and guest-stars that will be showing up. At this point, I would sell my soul if it meant seeing Tom Welling’s Superman back in action, complete with tights and cape.


Talk about a tease lol, but yea I watched it like 10 times :laughing:. It’s great to see Lex back, and he is standing right next to Kara! Brandon looked great. Can’t wait to see the full length trailer!