Crisis on Infinite Earths on CW

There seems to be a vocal minority of Powerless fans. Alan Tudyk(sp) is already working for DCU. Perhaps he could represent Earth P in the crossover as Van Wayne. Would like it if Emily was on but Van may be enough.

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Since they have already called COIE. I am guessing/hoping that it will do what the original COIE did and put every CW show in to a single CWVerse .

We know Supergirl is in her own universe, as is Gypsy. And we have not been given any specific information on if BL exists in the Flash/Arrow/LoT universe or not.

With Cisco making his choice, they need portal capability for transporting non-Flash characters to a location. They’ve got to do something, or EM and KF are going to have a difficult time helping Barry in the field. He can get somewhere in a flash, but they can’t.

There is certainly no reason the CAN’T have Astra’s actions, create villains to stop, that the individual shows could handle without the need for explicit crossovers.

COIE is the perfect way to integrate all the shows into the same continuity and allow for running tangential threads through out all the shows.


@DeSade-acolyte - Cisco can literally just make teleporting discs. He gave one to Kara, so even without his powers, he’s still able to be the transporter of the team.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear on that point.

I concur, portals could be made via a piece of technology, or via a meta.

I didn’t want to spoiler anything, relative to Cisco’s arc this season.

Regardless, tech or meta, they will need instant transport for EM & KF to keep in the mix.

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So if Legends starts in January will it be part of the crossover? They did sort of have a tie in in the finale, but not much compared to the others.

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I don’t think they would have teased it if there not going to be a part of it.


Perfect dream scenario would be this…
Cut a deal with the current movie cast for cameos. Connect it to all current DC films and programming, including Titans, Doom Patrol, and Black Lightning. WB could use this as their reboot for the DCEU. It would explain the new Batman (and possibly Superman), it can also open the door for potential use of some TV cast in films. Make everything loosely connected.

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I’m sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant, but with the recent troll attack on Batwoman and the CW in general, I hope DC fans know what a special and unique thing the Arrowverse is and how lucky we are to have something like that, which probably won’t ever be repeated again. The Arrowverse is literally comics come to life. Where else would you see multiple ongoing series where characters might reference another show and it feels organic, because they’re part of one large thing? Not even talking actual crossovers, which are taking TV to a whole another level, but just casual references. Like in Episode 1 of Season 6 of Arrow it ends with a report on the news that Oliver is the Green Arrow, and then on Episode 2 of Season 4 of The Flash when Barry and Iris are at the therapist, Barry picks up a newspaper with that headline and they exchange a puzzled look. It’s a small thing but it lets fans feel like it’s an actual living universe, which it is. Sure the shows are often soapy and silly, but hey guess what, so are comics themselves. Not everything needs a “For Mature Readers Only” label. I just feel the Arrowverse is a miracle and I cannot wait for this crossover, and also what they’ll do next. I do hope Black Lightning gets involved, and I hope more characters from DC are introduced. Maybe if another show ends, like Legends, they introduce something new. And I hope it keeps going for years to come.

This rant was inspired by rewatching this cool TV spot:

If you thought even five years ago that something like this was possible, you were from the future.

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@Mae I love what the Arrowverse has done. It’s like watching an ongoing comic book. I didn’t like the Batwoman trailer, but a lot of people in the comments were being worse. I think Batwoman will probably be better than the trailer makes it look.

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I’m sure Batwoman will be just as cool as all the other shows. After all, Greg “God” Berlanti is running the universe!

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I’d like to think that a LOSH show would be s great fit. They’ve already introduced MonEl, Brainy, Saturn Girl, &. (By extension) Dream Girl.

It would fit CW demographic well. Think of the late teen/young adult angst and relationship dramarama that they’d have baked into the show.

Perhaps Sara & Ava (and Mick, gotta keep Mick) get stuck in the 31st century and start out as liaisons for a new LOSH.

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The biggest problem Legion of Super Heroes have is to do it “right” they would need to spend a lot for each episode, possibly more then Legends which I believe per episode is the most expensive show they have. I just am not sure even as spoiled as we are if they could pull anything resembling the Legion version of the 30th centurey in a weekly TV series. The large cast is not a good thing for a TV show on a budget either, although they could just keep the top 6 or 7 and not have it get as big as in the comics.

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Yes, the CGI budget would be big. I think they could end up with 6-7 heroes, and make the adventures more “on the ground” like they do with legends. I know it’s a BIG ask. But, if they end LoT (in a few more years I hope, I love that show), I think it might be a good replacement.

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I would love to see LoS in a series, but not at the cost of LoT. LoT has improved by leaps and bounds, and this was the best yet. I completely understand the limitations of budget at the CW, but it would be amazing to split 16 episodes of Legends with 16 episodes of Legion…

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I’d love to see that. 16/16 split.

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The Crisis teaser on Flash was with respect to his disappearence (sorry if i spoil). Thawne’s last words to Flash were “see you next crisis”.

I recently finished this season of LoT and enjoyed the Monitor’s appearence.

The streamlining of the shows to become the same universe is a likely speculation.

I do remember reading early on that Black Lightning is its own universe, but i am very hopeful that the powered Pierces make an appearence.

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