Crisis on Infinite Earths end credits - Endgame Style

(WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. If by any chance you still haven’t seen it, stop reading this! For those who have, the article starts below)

Here on DC Universe, we are generously encouraged to share our fandom in a multitude of different ways. Naturally, that extends to stuff like fanworks: creative material like sketches, paintings, fanfic, custom toys/figurines, etc. Just recently I shared a cool graphic in anticipation of next week’s premiere of DC Universe All-Star Games. Stuff like this is awesome to see and do and it’s a beautiful way to tap into the creativity of the fans, almost as a thank you to the DC characters that inspired them.

But every once in a while, you see something that’s not on this platform and isn’t your creation , but is so darn cool that you can’t not share it. I JUST had such an epiphany this past weekend and I had to share this.

So, there are quite a few of these on YouTube, but a fan creator by the name of newflxsh edits posted a video earlier this month that merged two big superhero Movie/TV things that have happened in the past year into one Oreo sandwich cookie of awesome.

In short, this person took the end credits of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame and merged it with the ending/cast list of the Crisis on Infinite Earths TV adaptation. The end result is this:

The video starts with part of the ending of the crossover: Barry unveiling the Justice League/Super-Friends table and chairs, everyone takes a seat (with one reserved in memory of Oliver Queen), and something new (for the Arrowverse) is born.

From there we go into the Endgame credits, with the cast of not only Crisis but also every major cast member to ever appear on a Arrowverse show.

Now, you might notice that there were actors who were in the crossover that don’t show up here, and there are actors in the cast list who were definitely not in the crossover.

For this, I’m going to let the creator explain their decisions in their own words. Paraphrased for clarity:

Just want to put a disclaimer here. I chose not to add Erza Miller, LaMonica Garret, Tom Welling and several other actors and actresses because I wanted the message of the edit to feel like the end of an era and I couldn’t fit them in with the characters who definitely had a bigger hand in the Arrowverse throughout the course of several years, especially when some of them only made cameos in Crisis. Sorry to disappoint. Also, the roll-call of the last six actors went in order of when they were introduced into the Arrowverse and their importance pertaining to all of the crossovers that have taken place. I didn’t pair them with any sort of significance to the Avengers.

While it would have been nice to see a more accurate lineup for the crossover itself, it personally doesn’t damper the cool factor of this video. Taken from the creator’s standpoint, Crisis on Infinite Earths really did feel like the end of an era for this universe (or multiverse?) of shows. It’s only fair that we wave it off in a much grander fashion than alien monkeys on the loose and a tease of the Hall of Justice (cool as that is).

At the end of the day, this was an incredible piece of fan material, worthy of all the great stuff that’s already here on the platform and as such, it deserves a special shoutout.

Did you also find this cool? Was their anything you would have changed? Let me know in the thread and have a nice, chill time!

I really enjoyed it! I love the shots used for each character. Nice touch of putting both actors for Firestorm (did I miss Ronnie?) and both of Caity’s costumes. I can understand on why not to add Ezra or Tom, however; I felt LaMonica should have be added because the Monitor and Anti-Monitor became such a strong focus near the end of Pre-Crisis Arrowverse. Other than that it was great!

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