Crisis on infinite earths coming to the CW!!!

Hell yeah!!! One of my all time favorite comic story lines written by legends marv wolfman and George Perez are coming to the big screen


Not the big screen sorry I technically meant tv lol


It should be on the big screen, honestly.

They’ve done a way better job setting up a Justice League than the movies did.


Are the shows getting rebooted? Maybe I’ll get back into the Arrowverse like I used to. So much possibilities with that storyline for the next crossover!

How many universes will be involved.

This might be a way for the CW to cancel some of their shows.

There will be tons of rumors and theories for a year


I dont want it on big screen. Just for them to mess it up. Super excited to see what they do. Think should include all dc shows (current & old) have legends go to krypton and Gotham (since they r n the “past”) and movies. Finally make into 1 multiverse

No way they will be able to do that rudy66964 but it would be awesome if they did not argument there.

I like the multi verse. I was a fan of the JSA and the series with the JSA members kids. I liked when Huntress was Catwoman and Batman’s daughter and Black Canary’s story was so convoluted by having two different generations from two different Earths with the same identity. A lot of my favorite characters died or vanished. DC jumped the shark for me for a long time after the crisis on infinite Earths.

I’m learning to accept that today’s Huntress is not the love child of one of the greatest couples in comics and I kinda like how different versions of Canary can coexist – because, well, it was that convoluted. I’m just not sure I want to see another Crisis. Anyone hear of Chuck from Happy Days?

Yo, when Psycho Pirate showed up I was like “No way, they’re going to do it!” Then boom Crisis on Infinite Earths coming Fall 2019. I am sooo hyped

Does this mean superboy prime?

Maybe, but I doubt it. Superboy prime is kinda a plot device more than a character in Crisis on Infinite Earth, he’s more interesting in Infinite Crisis, which I doubt they’d ever get around to doing.

This is probably just inspired by it and it’ll be it’s own thing as it reboots the shows and not an actual adaption. Just using the name because of the similar concept

Psycho Pirate popping up was a complete surprise.

I wasn’t expecting to see this crossover event until April 2024.


That’s awesome. Long overdue to get that in some viewable format. IDK why they haven’t tackled that & Identity Crisis, & Blackest Night etc. before. I would say directors are afraid to take on such well beloved titles, but they could literally just animate those as are, there ready made for tv, movies etc.

It’s all been part of a plan

Yes, just watched the Supergirl episode. Medusa mask on Psycho Pirate was a promising ending for a great new beginning.