Crisis on Infinite Earth Finale Reactions 🚨 SPOILERS AHEAD! 🚨

Wow! What a ride!

They’ve saved some great cameos in these last two parts! One of which plants the possible seeds of multiple multiverses! An actual legend on Legends! Let us know what YOU thought of this two-part finale to the biggest crossover event yet!

  1. EZRA MILLER - Holy smokes. I was shouting expletives at my tv

  2. Very happy the multiverse exists moving forward.

  3. Can’t wait to see where the Arrowverse goes from here.

Honorable mention - I also shouted when Doom Patrol was dancing around at the end.


One thing I’m not sure of. Was the Green Lantern Earth from the 2011 film? It seemed to have the same designs but I’m hearing things online saying it’s a preview of the HBO max show


Even though I’ve fallen off of watching the DC CW show’s by the end seeing all those cameos made me smile ear to ear as everything from films, t.v. to streaming show’s are all connected and exist within the multiverse.

The fact that the Universe’s got recreated and Brandon Routh/Christopher Reeve Superman had the yellow in his symbol instead of black/Kingdom Come symbol makes me think his family are alive again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

SSssss Cssss


My only gripe would have loved lynda carter as president giving the speech


Those were definitely shots from the movie. I was hoping to see an earth where Diggle is John Stewart like so many people have speculated, but it’s still cool to see something GL-related in the Arrowverse


I’m really surprised she didn’t show up at all. Granted, maybe it was a little too much to hope for her to show up as an older Wonder Woman, but still


Also, and possibly most importantly,

SWAMP THING still exists.


I think they want us to think it’s a reference for the HBO Green Lantern series since Greg Berlanti is a big part of that and said it’s connected to the CW Universe (as another Earth in the multiverse I guess).


I could see that being the case. I forget which earth they used, but maybe that’ll end up being the one where the show takes place. The footage was wide enough to not show any specific faces from the movie, so I guess it could be used for different reasons


Same lol I’ve only watched clips of Justice League but when he appeared I couldn’t believe my eyes. Seriously couldn’t pay attention to what happened after that scene and before the commercial break. My brain was still processing it all lol


During Swamp Thing’s cameo when he appeared Oliver narrated ‘Civilizations rose and fell…’ That seemed so intentional and hurts :sob: They were being self-aware about the fate of Swamp Thing’s show.

But I’m happy DC isn’t trying to let us forget about Swamp Thing and seeing the other DC Universe show’s made me happy too.


Grant’s Barry and Ezra’s Barry interacting was awesome.

I loved the whole thing.


Doom Patrol, Stargirl and the Justice Society, Swamp Thing, Routh Superman, Marv Wolfman, GLEEK!!! There is so much to take in…


I’m not happy about the decision to unnecessarily combine all of the “core” Arrowverse series onto a single Earth, especially with the creation of a new Multiverse, but it is what it is.

I am glad, though, that the “Doom Patrol and Titans are connected” argument has been officially ended and people can stop erroneously referring to Doom Patrol as a Titans spinoff.


I prefer the CW shows belong to 1 :earth_americas:. Makes it easier to crossover/team up. Plus, we now officially have a Justice League in the Hall of Justice…


This poor man’s CRISIS is so disappointing: no representation of any version of Wonder Woman - a focal point of the DC Trinity - whatsoever?



Absolutely nothing is gained by this merger of the “core” Arrowverse series onto one Earth, especially not when every single one of them besides Legends of Tomorrow are smackdab in the middle of story arcs that now don’t mean very much.

Eh, it’s just cool to have all of them on one Earth. It’s not like it’s gonna hurt anything. I like having Superman in the official Arrowverse.


Same. What bothered me before was how disconnected the DC/CW TV stuff was (in terms of everything being on different Earths) like how there’s a Superman on one Earth but not another or a Flash on one Earth but not another, etc etc…

Combining Earth’s makes Prime Earth feel more lived in. Now there’s a Flash, Superman, Supergirl, Batwoman (Also Batman someway) and more all existing on one Earth. And there’s still other Earth’s within the multiverse with their own exclusive heroes anyway so it’s cool that all the CW one’s are together on the same Earth.