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Welcome one and all to our February session, which features a very interesting tale of a team up between our old friends The All Star Squadron and a team from Earth-X: The Freedom Fighters… Well sorta anyway… You’ll see what I mean as you read…

Anyway before we can get to that exciting tale members of the @JSABookClub we must have….

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Issues to Read

* All Star Squadron #31-35

Discussion Points

  1. Would you have believed Uncle Sam’s story and been willing to journey to another earth’s America to fight as some of the Squadron was or would you have been more cautious about the whole thing?

  2. Which group would you have gone with: the one staying on Earth 2 or the one headed to Earth-X?

  3. Seems The Spectre has gotten himself in a bit of a jam. How would you try to stop the two earth’s from merging?

  4. What do you think of Tsunami’s powers?

  5. Red Bee is the true hero here. Wouldn’t you agree?

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  • For February: More All Star Squadron

  • For March: Princes of Darkness Part 2

  • For April: Secret Origins

  1. I would have had no choice but to believe Uncle Sam was telling the truth as he saw it once Wonder Woman had her lasso on him. I would have been cautious about journeying to another Earth, though.
  2. I think I would be more concerned about my own world than a different Earth.
  3. If the Spectre couldn’t stop the worlds from merging, the only hope would be gathering all the magic users to see what they could do.
  4. Tsunami’s powers live up to her name.
  5. Red Bee died fighting against evil. That definitely makes him a hero.


In May we get a Power Girl Vs. Johnny Sorrow comic. In Justice Society they get connections with the now finished Stargirl series.


These were among the last comics I read before I took six years off from comics. Thankfully, DC changed little in the meantime and it was easy to get right back into it.

All-Star #31 got everybody together and it was a real treat to see most of Golden Age DC in one room.

Side note from above: Robin is completely correct

Favorite row: by far the one that has Spectre, Starman, Guardian, Tarantula, Batman, Robin, Superman and Dr Fate

Wonder Woman “feels like a walking polygraph” : 50 bonus points Roy

Sgt. Rock and Ed McMahon in the same ad? It happened!

In the letter page of #33 we get a Hembeck drawing of the All-Stars and a plea from Roy Thomas to have people sell him issues of various Golden Age DC comics.

  1. I’d be cautious, but support sending a group to check things out.

  2. I’m staying on Earth 2

  3. The Spectre needs to go have himself a little confab with Jenette Kahn.

  4. Pretty awesome

  5. Yep, and they didn’t even put him on the cover…


Here are my answers.

  1. I would have believed his story.

  2. I would have gone to help that other earth.

  3. I would have called on all the magic users I could find.

  4. I think her powers are awesome.

  5. Truly a hero. RIP Red Bee


Just finished it at 1 issue per day.

Johnny seemed a lot mopier than usual and Brandy was having a field day with him. This series Hourman was my favorite (what can I say? Rex is Our Man).

I would have believed him. This is not a weird thing for us after all. I would have spent a while before this figuring out if it is permissible to interlope in another Earth.

I would have been more interested in going to Earth-X. If my group is going to cross dimensions I would want to do that. Otherwise in ten years I would be going down the road not taken too much.

  1. Honestly his monologues just bored me. That part lost me.

  2. In the last issue they clearly just made up the part about breathing under water. Other than that I loved her and thought she was the best villains. Japanese imperialsits make more interesting and threatening villains than the NAZIs usually do, and she was a cool villain with Aquaman like powers.

  3. Yes, and I am glad he is getting plenty of love in the new Stargirl series.

Very true. I was reading that issue very slowly.