Crisis on Earth 1 - The Last Stand

Game: Crisis on Earth 1 - The Last Stand

The first story started in Gotham home to the Bat Family
The second story was No Man’s Land
As our heroes have come back from the shadows to take back the world…

Welcome To…

Crisis on Earth 1 - The Last Stand

Will our heroes prevail over a world overrun with villains or will the villains have their wish of finally taking over the world and ridding our heroes? The choice belongs to you…


The game has 2 stages: a day phase and a night phase. During the day everyone gets to vote out a player they feel is a villain. During the night phase the villains converse on who they are taking out of the game. Just letting everyone know now the game starts in a night phase. Your objective is to find the villains and vote them out before they find you! That’s really it. Everything else is up to you players! There will be an example post in the FAQ of what these will look like. Character abilities can be used during the day phase or night phase depending on the character. Usually hero abilities can be used during the day; villain abilities are used at night (unless otherwise stated). The game can be complex at times as know one knows who is who (except for the villains). Use strategy and keep your friends close…

This game is going to be vastly different from the previous two games. As this has 52 characters which means 52 different players with their own abilities. 25 are superheroes, 12 neutral characters and 15 villains. I will be posting an FAQ spoiler tag at the very end for all new players. But first the rules with the edition of the community rules of course these are the game rules.


  1. ALL PLAYERS MUST PARTICIPATE - We have 52 players. If you have played before you know that the villains have their own group PM and ALL the game members also have a PM for voting. This being said non villains are required to post at least once every 24 hours in the group PM because there will be so much going on and usually 2 or 3 phases pass in the 24 hour period.

  2. Villains are exempt from the first rule because they have their own PM and if one isn’t active there same as the first rule they will be taken out of the game.

  3. You are REQUIRED to vote every day phase if you don’t do this you are automatically out of the game. Again 52 players 1 of me and it’s not fair to the other players if one person doesn’t vote or participate. I will post an example of what voting looks like below.

  4. You DO NOT have to post in the main thread to stay in the game. However, if you want to keep up with the game the main thread (here) you should at least read over a few of the posts. As from previous games it gets post heavy.

  5. DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CHARACTER! Unless you are a villain and in the villain group PM. The point of this game is to FIND the villains and vote them out before they get to you first.

  6. Since this has been a huge issue in terms of game play, all abilities can only be used ONCE. Unless stated otherwise in the character descriptions. When in doubt, think you can only use your ability once.

  7. When posting in our game room PM please keep conversations to a minimum as there is a 500 message or so limit. (at least I think that’s still a thing someone help please) However you can converse HERE in the main thread. I don’t mind plus it adds to our little game community.

  8. I will be announcing who has met their fate here in the main thread as well as the group PM. If you need to see an example I will post a link in the FAQ.

  9. Roles will be given out via PM from me. You can’t choose your role or request a role. It’s strictly random.

  10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either here on the main thread or in the PM’s!

  11. There is no editing or deleting posts! (At least not until it starts…)

  12. Just have fun! Don’t take this too seriously and enjoy the game!

Current Game Updates!

We are in phase 12 Nightfall!
Players/Characters that we have lost thus far
EmeraldKnight123 - Static Shock
capo-mage - Black Fire
GetSnart - Kite Man
Pollster - Damien Darhk
stefanie.m - The Joker
DocAtlas - Black Canary
TravisMorgan - Hawk Girl
Crowncity - Lady Shiva
Desade - Aquaman
Ralphsix - Cyborg
N81 - Reverse Flash
Hinesypoo - Aqualad
markhb - Super Boy
AquamonC137 - Harley Quinn
Pollster - Damien Darhk
Walker - Kid Flash
Steelneena - Blue Beetle
Row.Harper - Robin
The Question - Constantine
CGR2814 - Black Lightning


Batman - He is the only one who can convince Poison Ivy into becoming a hero. He also has the ability to recruit Cat Woman. With that being said he can investigate ONE player during the game.

Superman - The Man of Steel He Can NOT be killed during the night phases. This lasts all game…

Wonder Woman - Princess to the Amazon’s She can use her lasso to provoke a player to reveal their identity. This can be used 3 times.

The Flash - The Forensic Investigator; He is able to investigate a dead body and get a list of players that may have potentially killed them. If he continues investigating a specific player this list will get smaller. He is also able to talk his way into getting Captain Cold onto the hero side. However if this doesn’t work the player gets outed as a hero.

Hawk Girl - The Mace Wielder, she is able to attack 2 villains in one night. If she successfully learns their identity.

Vixen - The Keeper of the Totem, with her being able to transform into any animal she is able to track a character and figure out their allegiance. This can be used twice.

Green Arrow - Emerald Archer He can use his explosive arrow to gain entry into a lair. However if he finds Nyssa he is able to question her allegiance. Hero or Villain. He is able to use this twice.

Doctor Fate - Master of the Arts - he is able to protect a character during the night phases. This can be used every night phase during the game.

Black Canary - The Songbird, using her abilities as not only a high pitched sonic sound she is able to destroy a lair. Learning if that character is a hero or a villain.

Kid Flash - The “third” Speedster. He is able to get 2 votes in during the day poll. He is also able to recruit Jinx to the side of the heroes however if she refuses he gets outed. However the only way this can be done is if he can find her before Queen Bee.

Robin - Boy Wonder, once during the night time he is able to use his childish ways to get information from anyone he chooses, blocking that person’s ability.

Martian Manhunter - The Alien from mars; He is able to use his density shifting and invisibility to protect a character during the night. This ability can be used every night phase.

Beast Boy - The Shapeshifter; He is able to use the ability of transforming into a fly so he can listen into a villain’s plan. He is also able to bring Terra over to the side of the heroes.

Raven - The daughter of Trigon; She is able to read a character’s emotions blocking their abilities from being used. She is able to use it once every night phase.

Black Lightning - The Educator; He is able to get one villain onto the hero side. That is if he can find one.

Aquaman - The King of the Seven Seas; Using his king like abilities he cannot be tracked or known by any character with a tracking ability or a role exposing ability.

Static Shock - The Live Wire; with the fact of him being known for using quick quips he is able to silence a player due to the shock of what was being said. Making this person not able to participate in the main thread for 1 day phase and 1 night phase.

Shazam - The Jack of All Trades He is able to silence, roleblock, investigate or protect any character of his choosing. However each of these can only be used once. If Black Adam successfully roleblocks him though he may lose an ability that he decided to use during that night.

Green Lantern - The first Human Lantern; He can investigate any player of their choosing to learn if they are a hero or villain. They can then use this information to inform the other players. However, if the villains get to him first he can’t say what was learned.

Superboy - The “son” of Superman - It requires one extra vote during the day in order to be eliminated.

Starfire - Princess Koriand’r; She is able to use her star bolts to blow up a lair and find out a character’s identity.
Cyborg - The Hacker; He is able to gain entrance into the villain’s headquarters by means of their security system. He is able to learn a part of their plan in hopes of finally defeating them. However if he gets spotted by any villain they automatically kill him. This can only happen ONCE.

Aqualad - The Natural Born Leader. He is able to protect a character during the night phase. This can be used for every night phase of the game… If he makes it…

Zatanna - Princess of Prestidigitation; She is able to cast a spell (backwards of course) to talk to a dead character learning 1 of the players identities that killed them. She is then able to tell anyone in the main thread however this may give away her own identity as well. This ability can be used twice.

Blue Beetle - Holder of the Scarab; He can use his abilities to switch two people’s effects. If one thing was to happen to one person it will now happen to the other and so forth.


Nyssa al Ghul - Daughter of the Demon If caught by Green Arrow She can choose whether or not to be a hero. However if she is caught by Talia she becomes a villain automatically.

Jinx - Master of Acrobatics If caught by Kid Flash she can choose to be a hero if she is caught by Queen Bee she automatically becomes a villain. That being said If she becomes a villain she takes Kid Flash with her.

Terra - Master Manipulator. If Beast Boy successfully convinces her to join the side of the heroes she becomes a hero. However if not she can tell Slade who beast boy is.

Harley Quinn - Hi Puddin dynamite, she is able to blow up a lair and figure out who that person is. She does not get to kill that character however she just gets to reveal it for herself. She is also able to be recruited by poison Ivy to join the heroes. However if the Joker gets to her first she becomes a villain.

Poison Ivy - Once recruited by Batman she is able to recruit Harley Quinn However if the joker gets to Harley first she will go with her pudin.

Swamp Thing - Keeper of the Swamps and Marshes - with the option of being a hero or villain; he is able to protect a character if he decides to be a hero. However if he chooses to be a villain he is able to kill that character. He must make a choice during the second night phase.

John Constantine - Hell and Back- Being more of a master con man and relying on his skills of quick thinking. This gives him the advantage of choosing to be a hero or villain. If he chooses to be a hero he can bring someone back from the dead. If he is a villain he can in turn kill a character.

Cat Woman - Master Manipulator, she is technically not for or against the villains so if she chooses she can join them, if recruited successfully by them. Or if she chooses to be with the heroes she can figure out 1 villain. This can only happen once.

Captain Cold- Neither Here Nor There, seeing as he fits in both categories of hero and villain he is able to be recruited by The Flash. However, if he chooses to be on the side of the villains he can figure out who the flash is.

Kite Man - Hell Yeah! He’s just here to cause trouble. Being a neutral character he can decide whether or not to be a hero or a villain. He doesn’t need anyone’s help in doing so. After the first night and day phase he is then able to choose a side. This will be made as an announcement in the day poll… If he lasts that long that is…

King Shark - Prince of the Shark Men; With his ability of having an IT degree he can either use this for good or evil… If he chooses to be a hero he can get into the villains database and get a hint at one of the villains. If he is a villain he can use that same ability but get a hint at a hero.

Clayface - Power of disguise; With his ability he can transform from one being to the next that being said who ever he transforms into he get’s there ability! He also has the choice to be a hero or villain. That being said if he wants to be a hero he has to transform into a hero and gain there ability. If he chooses to be a villain he can turn into a villain and get one of their abilities.


The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime; He requires one less vote to be out of the game during the day. He can also bring Harley Quinn over to the side of the villains. If he can find her that is…

Ra’s al Ghul - The Demo’s Head - Being the leader of the league of assassins he is able to kill two heroes in one night. Provided that one is the villain’s main target and the other is also agreed upon by the rest of the villains.

Talia al Ghul - Daughter of the Demon - Being the first daughter to Ra’s and has mastered training among the League she is able to block a player’s abilities during the night.

Slade/Deathstroke - Trigger Finger, if targeted by the heroes he is able to kill one of them. Except for Superman. He is also able to recruit Terra to the side of the villains. If he can find her…

Cheetah - Head Cat. She is able to track a character blocking that character’s abilities.

Vandal Savage - The True Head Villain. Being the true leader of the villains; he gets the final say over who gets killed. He is also able to figure out 1 character. This can be used ONCE.

Reverse Flash - The Dark Speedster. Being The Flash’s archenemy he is allowed to kill him. Only if he successfully finds him of course.

Black Adam - The Arch Enemy of Shazam; He is able to role block Shazam. If he can find him.

Damien Darhk - “Head villain” not really…, if they want they can overwrite who gets killed. He is also able to recruit character(s) as well. However all the villains must agree. Both abilities can only be used once.

Black Fire - Traitor of Tamaran; if she is targeted by the heroes she is able to frame another player. Making their allegiance come up as a villain.

Darkseid - Evil Incarnate; With his ability he can take down 1 player of his choosing without any of the other villains inputs. This can only be used ONCE. However if that player is protected nothing happens and they lose this ability.

Lady Shiva - Member of the League; With the skills that she has learned from the League of assassins she cannot be seen or tracked by someone with a tracking ability.

Black Manta - Enemy of the Deep. He is able to get 2 voted in during the day poll. This can only be used twice and at least 2 day phases apart.

Sinestro - The Enemy of the Lantern Corps; He can choose a number between 1 and 10 between me the GM and themselves. If they choose the right number they get to use that character effect. (effects being death, double voting, learning a character’s identity or allegiance, and resurrection)

Queen Bee - The Queen; She is able to take on a dead villain’s ability. She is also able to recruit Jinx to the side of the villains.

  1. EmeraldKnight
  2. Ralphsix
  3. Carbon
  4. Alias
  5. WingsOfAether
  6. Crystaliastar
  7. Desade
  8. SuperBlue
  9. N81
  10. Aylex
  11. Ferrolad
  12. Broken-knight
  13. Capo
  14. CGR2814
  15. Rufus
  16. Professor zoom
  17. WildstormJeff
  18. Biff_Pow
  19. Row.Harper
  20. NYJT
  21. GetSnart
  22. SomeObscureCharacter
  23. khristian012
  24. DickGraysonTheBoyFriendWonder
  25. pmoslice
  26. AnonymousHQ
  27. Soreita
  28. Steelneena
  29. Deathstroke.Terminator
  30. Walker
  31. rexrebel64.96323
  32. Hinesypoo
  33. AquamonC137
  34. lilmotto2002.10796
  35. markhb
  36. DuelinDroopies
  37. LacrosseBeagle8
  38. Meisaj
  39. bknishka
  40. Deelbeson
  41. stefanie.m
  42. KnightwingArt
  43. TheQuestion
  44. Meg
  45. CrownCity
  46. TravisMorgan
  47. Darkstarz
  48. C-m-woodworks
  49. Pollster
  50. Reaganfan
  51. Princess rose
  52. DocAtlas(??)

Q:What does voting look like?
A:Here is a link to an example- Crisis on Earth 1 Heroes VS. Villains

Q:What do the phases look like?
A:Here is a link to an example -
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel
Crisis On Earth 1 The Sequel

Q:Can I reveal a person’s identity/allegiance on the main thread if I find it out?
A: Yes! However you then risk your identity/allegiance…

Q:How do I know what character I am?
A:It was sent in a PM from me

Q:What if I don’t know how to play?
A:Here is a link to the first and second games I suggest skimming through the first one to get a grasp on the idea.

Q:How do I know where I can use my ability?
A:In the PM I sent it tells you what phase your ability can be used.

Q:If I am voted out can I still vote?

Q:If I am voted out or killed can I still talk to people on the main thread?
A:Yes! In fact we call them “ghosts” however, please refrain from posting conversation in the game PM.

Q:What is the silencing ability?
A:It makes it so a user cannot talk for one day phase and one night phase.

Q:Where are the rules?
A:In the first 2 paragraphs of this post.


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