Crisis Level Events ranking

No I don’t mean ranking best to worst Crisis storylines. In excitement of Of Infinite Crisis coming to the CW and all the great events going on in the comics I thought it would be great to creat a level and ranking system for the type of Crisis and events that have occurred in DC(if one hasn’t been made already).

Not all events and Crisis are the same. Some have the label “Crisis” that don’t deserve it while other dont and clearly do. Ex: Identity Crisis vs Dark Nights Metal. Sorta inspired by the X-risk chart and the Kardashev Scale I want to see if we can rank and come up with a scale of threat levels and out comes. Starting from personal threat and working ourselves up the chart, most likely ending with Multiversal or Omniversal threat!


I’m thinking:
Level 1: Personal
Level 2: Local
Level 3: Global
Level 4: Cosmic
Level 5: Timeline
Level 6: Multiverse
Level 7: Omniverse

Can’t think of the severity levels though. Thinking going from simple gag type consequences to canon/history changing consequences

Maybe do a similar chart for a level of Crisis here on DCU as we wait for a few more key items to roll out. so level 1: I can’t do one on one instant messaging here. Level 2 We can’t watch all the episodes of a Batman animated series. Level 7: can’t log in because DCU turns into AT&T DirecTV channel…

A new level 8 DCu just spins and spins this morning at my Android phone…noooooo

I mean this isn’t really a thread to complain about missing features. But I get your criticism

Oh, I’m probably the happiest guy here, I was just having a little fun applying your crisis chart to a real-life situation.

To me, the various crossovers are probably overdone when they are once a year.

Your grid is interesting for sure, and my comments are an attempt to keep this bubbling to the top. I like you concept overall, but would love to keep the discussion going on what to measure with.

More than how many people or universes are affected, I think we could measure the level of a company-wide event by how big the impact is on the various comic book series 1, 2 and 3 years later. A super cosmic event that is forgotten 2 months later is a waste of everyone’s time. But a very localized event across only 1/4 of the publishing house’ s comics that forever changes things would be a higher level event, in my opinion.

Anyone else ever thought about this grid, things you like about it, things youwould like changed?

I typed a bit of it down. And I think you are right. Heres an idea. The scope is based on how “big” the event is(Like who’s really involved) and the Severity level should be based on it’s long term effect on the continuity more than how much the characters are in danger.

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So all the times DC crossed over with Marvel would be on the Omniverse scale, But Severity level is Low. While Identity Crisis is more on the local level, its severity level is very high

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Low Moderate High Very High Severe Extreme Catastrophic

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kinda a rough chart. Crisis on Infinite Earths would be on the Multiverse scale and on the Catastrophic level. As The original Multiverse for nearly 33 years never really came back until Convergence

@Mr.marooned Great mix! Convergence has been on my mind as you work on this chart. What factually happened after Convergence: 1 month later, 3 months, 6, a year, 2 years, 3. All I know of from that event (that I spent big money on to follow, but then resold when it turned out to be mainly what seemed a “non event”) was the arrival of the current Superman.

I do see Convergence as a nod to what I call the “islands” of continuity at DC that could be named after Writers or Decades…

I’m thinking this would be a good one to do separate threads over in the Comic Book room for each event and we can talk about grading from there for each event first . Then bring them all together in another thread again all in the Comic Book Room, what do you think?

Yeah, that sounds good. Let me make an actual chart fist.

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Hi. Any luck with those charts per crises etc?

I started making it but then wondered how id even get it on here. Also Ive been spending my time trying to but the “Crisis on multiple earths” books as well as focus on my college work. but yeah, should get back on that

How’s this stew cooking along?

Depends on how long the dead heroes stay dead.

Any sheet / grid to share?