Crisis book 4 aka black lightning

The black lightning episode was absolutely pointless. It failed to further the overall story arc, and seemed like it was merely filler to say they tied all the shows together.

It might not have moved the story along much, but it did provide much-needed insight into Jen’s state of mind. She’s been torn all season between her family and the ASA, and seeing the exploits of her doppelgängers really allowed her to put things in perspective and get a better sense of how to move forward. We’ll see how much they follow up on this post-Crisis, but I thought it was a really interesting look at her character

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I agree, until I watched the next episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Seeing Barry Allen die was expected but seeing Black Lightning in this episode was tragic. I was having flashbacks to Young Justice: season 3. How is that going to further his story arc?

Should have been a solo episode not tied into the arc

The Black Lightning episode wasn’t an episode of Crisis. It could have been aired a week before but they just decided to air it right before Black Lightning showed up in Crisis

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