Crime Syndicate in Arrowverse

I had an idea about a month ago about what the next crossover for the Arrowverse could be.
I was thinking about the Crime Syndicate. Now I’m not talking about Earth X doppelgangers. I’m talking the actual CSA from the new Earth 3.

So I came up with a cast list and ideas, would like to get feed back.

Ultraman/Clark Kent - Gerad Christopher
Superwoman/Lois Lane - Elizabeth Tulloch
Owlwoman/Miss Wayne - Rachel Skarsten
Johnny Quick - Rick Cosnett
Black Power/Static - Jordon Calloway
White Martian/J’edd J’arkus - Phil Morris
Atomica - not sure
Power Ring/John Stewart or Andy Diggle - Phil Lamar or Eugene Byrd. If Diggle will still be around and as a GL
This is if actors are available obviously.

Idea: sprinkle CSA members in each show all season long to build up to a big crossover event. CSA members will mostly be background characters or behind the scenes players. CSA knows about the multiverse and have gone to a few different Earths and challenging that’s Earths version of the Justice League for sport.

Superman & Lois Lane: Gerad Christopher makes guest appearances to study and cause chaos behind the scenes for Superman. Also here is Phil Lamar or Eugene Byrd to keep an eye out on Diggle ( if the show will also have Diggle on it.)

Supergirl: Elizabeth Tulloch cameos here portraying Lois and getting close to Supergirl. Phil Morris is also here watching Jonn

Flash: Rick Cosnett or Kyle Gallagher makes guest appearances. Studying how fast and his weaknesses.

Black Lightning: Jordon Calloway returns and makes a few guest appearances as a new character. Jefferson thinks he is his former student

Batwoman: Rachel Skarsten returns claiming since the events was reborn thanks to the Green Arrow, she is a very loving sister again. In reality she is the lone daughter of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Legends of Tomorrow: this one all depends on if Ryan Choi is a series regular character on the show or not. If Ryan Choi is then atomica can be his wife from another timeline. If Ryan Choi isn’t on the show then you can say that atomika is his wife and Ray Palmer gave his Atom tech to her instead.

Beginning of the seasons nothing out of the ordinary with the guest stars. As the season progresses viewers start to notice things. The guest stars have a little bit of interaction with each other. Either mid way through or torwards the end intentions are known and crossover is to happen.

Just my idea of how I would handle the crossover.


You had me at Gerard Christopher as Ultraman. I’d imagine it would be similar to his Sovereign character in Superboy, albeit dialed up a bit.