Creature Commando Poll and Discussion

Pretty simple pole and self explanatory

  • Yes I have heard of and have read Creature Commandos
  • No / no clue who or what Creature Commandos is/ are
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I have been reading small articles online that James Gunn is making a Creature Commandos movie… My problem is, I have never, ever, heard of them until I started reading the article. Now I am curious as to how many people here are booked up on Creature Commandos or at the very least heard of them so hence the poll.

After wikipeding C.C, it came across to me as not that serious, kinda zany, of a comic, and instantly had me compare it to Doom Patrol. So here is the rub. Why not just do a Doom Patrol movie? It is current on Max, current; I just did a search on league of comics, and the last time C.C was in print was in 2000… yeah that long ago, and now it is slated to be back in 2024, probably to give an intro to the movie… maybe…

I got the feeling, that this movie, if it comes about is going to be along the lines of Suicide Squad, which, I think people disliked, well fans that is of the comic, disliked it because it was too comical.

So it seems to me if James Gunn wants to keep doing funny action movies, why not give Doom Patrol a spot. To me it makes more sense than going back 23 years at a minimum to get refreshed on a series.

This isn’t a diss on Creature Commandos, more on James Gunn’s choice of kicking off a new DCU movie era…

So if you know and love Creature Commandos, please share it here, help me get a little hyped for it.


I’ll admit to never hearing about the Creature Commandos team before Gunn’s announcement. I was even half sure he just made the team up himself.

Since then, I’ve read up a little on them. Honestly I’m not super into checking out the comics. But looking forward to the show


I have heard of them, I have read things with them but I have never read Creature Commandos.


OODC actually focused on them:


Well, remember it’s an animated movie. It has all the makings of a great movie, with its Universal Monster archetypes. Plus its cheaper in animated form, but should it be popular, you can sell Warners on a live action version.


Now I did not know it was going to be an animated movie, that actually has more interested because DC an WB tend to do really really well with animated movies.


I think Gunn just rather take established characters, and turn them into comedic zany ones. Just like he did with Peacemaker, Vigilante, King Shark, Suicide Squad, etc.


Now that makes too much sense. But you know what they say…



Some great stories in Weird War Tales which really need to be digitized and put on the app. If you haven’t heard of Creature Commandos have you heard of Haunted Tank? The Unknown Soldier? GI Robot? All great characters in the War books of that era.


I am afraid I have not heard of those either.

I didn’t get into DC Comics till about… eh, 2012 ish. An I do not dabble outside DC Comics, at least in regard to reading physical comics. When I went to my first LCS, and saw the plethora of comic book companies, I was blown away. I just can’t afford to branch out. I barely have knowledge on Justice League Dark, and Frankenstien.

I know a little about SGT. Rock.


I am familiar with the Creature Commandos, but then I am a Bronze Age baby. I read Weird War Tales back in the day. I don’t know if younger fans would be familiar with them.