Create Your Own Superhero Team! You Get 7 Members and Go!

Name: Darkseid’s Defeaters

  1. Vibe (Leader; Metahuman)
  2. Big Barda (Alien)
  3. Mister Miracle (Alien)
  4. Hitman (Metahuman)
  5. Cyborg (Science; Alien; Human)
  6. Big Breeda (Alien)
  7. Little Barda (Alien)
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Mine is a team of pets
Leon the Dalmatian
Shira the poodle
Spakele simiese cat Twins
Ravar the cobra
Robo the great dain
BUrt the horse


Name: Depressed Teens (I’m joking I’d actually call it Teen Dream Team, TDT for short)

Leader: Stargirl

  1. Duke Thomas
  2. Cyclone (Maxine)
  3. Cassie Sandsmark
  4. Jon Kent (I think they aged him up to 14 now)
  5. Steph Brown
  6. Static Shock
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I keep changing
My membership
List frequently

Here is my 7 9 and 12 menber lists

  1. Hawkman (latest version Immortal from 1940s on, but can be killed)

  2. Hawkgirl (Wife / Partner of Hawkman)

  3. Jonn Jonzz, Manhunter from Mars

  4. Metamorpho

  5. Ray Palmer (from Legends)

  6. Vixen (from Legends)

  7. Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)

  8. Firestorm (From Legends)

  9. Raven (18 years old)

  10. Kara Danvers (16 year old version)

11 Cass Cain (16 years old)

  1. Blue Beetle (Jaimie 16 years old)

There is an academy

Raven and Firestorm
Just graduated to full team members

Kara, Cass and Jaimie are trainees

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Justicia! :mexico: Unlimited


  1. El Dorado (Metahuman/ Leader/ Powerhouse/ Mystic)
  2. Iman (Human/ Tech/ Intelligence -scientist)
  3. Acrata (Human / Stealth/ Intelligence -research/info gatherer)
  4. El Muerto (Undead/ Powerhouse)
    — MEMBERS—
  5. Aztek [Nayeli Constant] (Magic / Intelligence -software engineer/ Powerhouse/ Tech)
  6. Bunker (Metahuman)
  7. Black Orchid [Alba Garcia] (Elemental)
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Superman Prime
Superboy Prime
The Spectre
Wally West (Adult Kid Flash)
The Presence


Welcome @Logan3747.23028 !!

Awesome picks btw

Welcome, @Logan3747.23028! Two Supes in your team, eh? You’re sure not messing around haha

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i don’t play no games

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Haha for real. The Presence itself… Dr. Manhattan. Those are some hard hitters. What would you think about someone saying that’s too much power in one team? :open_mouth: Who watches the watchers?

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there’s no such thing as too much power in a team the more powerful the team the more efficient they are as a whole.

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So who’s your team’s leader?

my team is completely codependent upon one another but ultimately if a leader was or had to be chosen The Presence would definitely be team leader.

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Makes sense. Whew, what a team

i mean they literally could not be beaten even if Darkseid was at his full power and stepped out in his true form also just saying if it was 8 people instead of 7 John Constantine would have definitely been number 8

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Lol no way Darkseid could handle that. John is such a good addition for his flair haha but do you think he’s a little underpowered in a team like that?

nah john Constantine is petty powerful within his own right so he may not have half of their strength but he is definitely worthy of a position

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heroes team The outcast 1 cyborg,2 batgirl,3 the flash,4 dreamer,5 shazam,6 green lantern,7 blue beetle group misfit hero to save the day


the only team that would even remotely stand a chance as villains would be
Darkseid (true form)
General Zod
Bizarro Superman

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