Create your own DC hero or villain! Let’s see what ya got?

Ok so make your superhero’s real name and superhero name. Tell me about there powers, and a little bit bout them. And name one dc character they would probably interact with.

Real name: Brett Baron

Superhero Name: Legion

Powers: super strenth,agility,healing, intelligence, and his special ability is the ability to create weapons pre gun powder era with pure energy. Such as sword,shield , axe, bow and arrow, mace etc…

So Brett Baron is a white 20 something year old guy who lives in Florida. He has a Greek heritage that he always seem to have known but never really knew anything much about. Come to find out one of his great ancestors is Achilles. He’s go to a museum where he’s touched an exhibit from Achilles and boom lighting strikes him and he becomes him. I would keep going but I don’t want to write a whole story but that’s my character what’s yours?


I did and they’re on dc universe online


Ditto. BUT!! (since we’re here…
Marcus Krueger : The Golden Dragon Charged by the spirits of the Elder Dragons to watch over Mankind
The Golden Dragon uses ancient magics and the powers of the Dragon Race to Vanquish evil. In addition to Magic, Golden Dragon can also become a giant Fire Breathing Golden Dragon.


Hero name: Tron

Powers: Flight, Strength, Omega Beams, Lightning.


ohh… this is fun and I hope more people participate. Here’s mine:

Real Name: Jace Parker | Hero Name: Kinetic

Powers/Abilities: Vast psionic powers that have manifested as telekinesis, telepathy. Can fire energy blasts of concussive force, create force fields, manipulate the gravity surrounding objects and other people, biophysical control causing muscles to cramp, skin to break, or blood vessels to burst or contract, and flight |
Male, 23, only child, Parents deceased

Origin: During a geological excursion to the northpole. Jace finds the Cortex Gem. A shard from the Planet Neurox, which infused it’s extraterrestrial properties with Jace’s nerve impulses altering his neurons and the dna in his cerebral cortex giving him his amazing psionic powers

DC Character he interacts with: Martian Manhunter


Name: KingJack
Code name: gold titan
Superpowers: super speed, magic, super strength, force field, and shape shift

KingJack live in a castle that hovers above the earth


College student Daniel Devereaux was on a ski trip when he got separated from his friends and nearly froze to death. The only thing that saved him was repeating the “magic” formula from Johnny Quick’s old self help book. He gained limited access to the Speed Force, but using his speed requires him to steal kinetic energy from the world around him, generating ice. As Heat Sink, he aspires to be St Roch’s greatest hero.


Name: Salem Storm “The One”

Salem is an immortal (in aging only, capable of dying but hasn’t been given that fortune yet) He’s always existed and can remember ALL of his eternal past. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of the Universe and ALL that is in it. He practices Eternal Magic and is one of the original Cosmic Immortals. Salem only steps “personally” stops evil from happening when there is no other option and it’s a grave, big picture situation. Otherwise he observes and documents ALL he sees. He has a large, semi-dilapidated Mansion on the outskirts of Gotham City (think the Addams family mansion filled with tons of historical artifacts and antiquities). He loves tagging along on adventures with any hero even if he doesn’t see fit to get involved physically. He offers up insights and whimsical criticism as well as very helpful bits of knowledge. He also loans artifacts of magical power to the heroes he’s with so that he “technically” isn’t interfering in the affairs of man.

John Constantine has lots of dealings with Salem Storm.


Name: Nobody
Real Name: unknown
Abilities: peak of physical perfection, photographic memory, slight accelerated healing, skilled hand to hand fighter.
Bio: A man with no past and an uncertain future, Nobody is the sole protector of Paradigm City, the home of the lost and the forgotten. Drawn by a unknown urge to protect the people and the city, Nobody strikes from the shadows against those who prey on the displaced and the weak, those that the rest of the world has given up on, or forgotten completely. And as he does so, he feels that during the course of his mission, that he will recover his lost memories, and learn who he once was. What he doesn’t know is that he will end up wrapped in a mystery that has to do with the secret origins of Paradigm City, and the power behind it all.

P.S. I am actually looking for any talent to help me bring this story to life.

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Real name: Forest, Forest Gump. Super power: he is a little low in the IQ scale but makes up for it in heart and positivity. No real super power but his timing is pretty clutch. He grew up no different than anyone else. He just sometimes shows up at the right time and says the right thing.

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Real name: Ava Chambers
Codename: Brooklyn
Birthplace: Bronx, NY
Abilities: Expert hand to hand combatant, marksman, tactician, able to possess the attributes of other animals via eating the heart of their young which triples her abilities.
Backstory - Ava Chambers was told at a young age about her magical heritage. Unlike her sorcerer parents, her particular power is accessed via the animal spirit world. Ava, being a staunch vegan, appreciated all animal life, but this disconnected her from human interaction and empathy. Instead of embracing her powers, after high school she joined the Marine Corp to prove to her parents that she would be able to survive on her own without the help of her magical background, which her parents have used to become rich and powerful and manipulate the people around them to get ahead. Honorably discharged, she returns home and finds out that her parents have adopted 3 teenage boys who they are preparing to transfer their magical abilities to so they can continue their lineage. Confronting them, she soon realizes that they have used their magic to completely wipe her out of their families existence, no one even remembering that the Chambers family even had a daughter. They launch an attack on her, in which she is outnumbered and badly beaten. Her father, knowing that he cannot take her magical heritage away from her since it is in her blood unlike her new adopted siblings, curses her to only be able to use her powers when killing and consuming the heart of the animal’s young. Ava is then thrown in the back of a truck and tossed in a dumpster in an unknown part of Brooklyn, NY. Ava wakes up to find that she was left with a kitten and a note that read “let the fun begin”. With no choice, Ava kills and eats the kittens heart. Now fully recovered, Ava begins her long and troubling quest to take her family down.

*This causes conflict within Ava since she knows that she cannot defeat her family without accessing her powers.