Create Your Own DC Compendium

Image just released their newest compendium, “Saga”, which collects “Saga 1-54” at over 1300 pages.

If the good folks at DC approached you and asked you to create your very own compendium of DC comics, what would you create?

The compendium must be between 1000-1300 pages long (not including covers or table of contents pages).

Dennis O’Neil’s The Question.

Contains The Question #1-36, The Question Annual #1-2, Green Arrow Annual #1-3, Detective Comics Annual #1, The Question Quarterly #1-5, and The Question Returns.


O’Neil/Adams run on both Batman & GL/GA & COIE. And in one collection titled “Bronze Age Foundation Stones Vol 1.”


I planned on doing a “Best of Post-Crisis Joker” compendium. After doing some research, however, I have found enough material for three different compendiums which outline The Joker’s career in (best I can) Post- Crisis chronological order.

Will post soon, heck I may even make a new thread.

In the meantime, anyone else?

Also, can The Question be read without the Quarterly issues or are those essential?

Hitman Compendiums:

Vol. 1: Demon Annual #2, Batman Chronicles #4, Hitman #1-36 and Annual #1

Vol. 2: Superman 80 Page Giant #1, Hitman/Lobo: That Stupid Bastich #1, Hitman #37-60, Justice League/Hitman #1-2, and All-Star Squadron Eight #1-6

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Oh! Sorry, also the #1,000,000 issue would be a part of book one.

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They should compose a compendium of Batgirl (pre-oracle) And Robin (Dick Grayson, once he and Batman separated, pre-Nightwing).

Also a compendium of all the major villains from Batman and Superman Golden, Silver, and Bronze Age.