Create the Character! Create the Plan!

Welcome one and all to the beautiful, yet dangerous Spede City! (Thread)
Home to thee worlds largest supply of hero and villains alike.
Some of you are new so please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Victorinox. I am a Villainess leader who controls a small portion of this city along with some of my generals. Much like all of the other Villains and even some hero’s of this city my goal is to one day control the whole damn thing! No matter the costs.

In this thread I will share a new scenario daily in which myself or some of my extinguished generals will either be needing help. A way to be stopped. Or, a way to be thwarted. I will be using made up characters by you guys everyday! Don’t worry I will give out proper props to those whose characters I use. BUT
You do not have to choose one side or the other, good or evil. You may work for me or against me.
Some side rules are:
You must create a unique character with an Alias. Beyond this point no using a real name! (Unless giving credit to someone of course)
Then, read the prompt for the day, and come up with a plan to stop, help, or thwart us using your character, and any other characters being used in the thread!
At the end of the day I will go through and pick the top hero and Villain plan of the day!

{Side bar. I want to quick say thank you to both @BatJamags and @Kingofspeedsters for allowing me to create this thread using inspiration and help from their threads! The main one being @Kings character creator. That one is where most of the characters I talk about are, but also CREATE AN EVIL PLAN or NAME THE CHARACTER(S)……BEST FIT FOR THE SCENARIOS! If you have not already please go check those out! Thanks again everyone!}


Scenario 1:
Hello all. Our first mission is upon us. I will be leading this expeditionary force into the city. Along with two of my trusted generals.
We will be making a move on the second largest Bank in the city as funds have started to run low. This bank is very busy. Two floors. The vault being on the second floor. I either need your help with this job. start to finish. Or you will need to figure a way to stop us once we are there. Here are the details you will need.
Victorinox(myself) has the ability to split into three identical copies of myself. each one being either highly intelligent, super strong/durable. or incredibly fast/agile.
next is @Wildstorm-Jeff has mind control powers. He can control the mind of any person within a 50 foot radius of him. Does not have to be in his line of sight.
and finally Amon Ra (@bourbonpour.40445) He is a follower of the Egypt god Ra. He has immortality, power over gravity, and Enhanced strength.
We will attack the bank head on. I will use my speed clone as well as @wildstorm as crowd control and front door look outs.
Amon Ra will take on any hero’s that my try and show up early.
My final two clones will be working on getting into the vault and hacking the computers.
Join the cause or fight! You choose!


@valor perfect!! Thanks a million!


3 hours in! 4 more to go!

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Well, I wasn’t going to respond because it would be unfair to deploy a character I created after the prompt was set out (even though I didn’t really create the character with the prompt in mind), but since nobody else seems to be biting yet, Captain Neuron’s first outing is going to have to be today.

First, I will use my prodigious mental powers to discover the dastardly robbery plot before it happens. Now, normally when I do something like that, I just call the cops and go get a sandwich or something because I’m lazy like that, but when supervillains are involved, I get serious.

My telepathic skills should shield me from Wildstorm-Jeff’s mind control long enough to initiate my plan. First, I begin telepathically communicating with Amon Ra, convincing him that I myself am Ra, and that I am displeased with his exploitation of the mortals. Scratch one lookout.

This is where my laziness kicks in. For the crowd control villains, I intend not to confront them myself, but rather to use my telepathy to try to help the bank’s security guards resist Wildstorm-Jeff’s mind control. If that works, they can take the two crowd control villains by surprise.

Now, I assume that anything happening to Speedy Victorinox will alert Smart Victorinox and Strong Victorinox that there’s a problem, so dealing with them is going to be tough. I’ll use my mind reading to determine their positions inside the vault so that I, the guards, and/or any cops that show up can develop a strategy to breach in and deal with them.

At this point, I’ll decide that I should probably have somebody else along with me for muscle in the future, but hey! The bank didn’t get robbed, so I call that a win, and NOW I can go get my sandwich. Crimefighting makes you hungry, you see.


(Congratulations to @BatJamags! You are the Hero plan victor today!)

My villainous allies you have let me down!! Not only did we not have any additional help or plans, but we allowed for a Top Teir hero to thwart me! I am now nearly penniless and down a General!
[Side note. In Spede City there is a group of Heroes considered to be their JL. Heros that rank above the rest. They rarely see to small time acts like these! @Bats and @King are apart of this team.]

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I’m in the same boat as @BatJamags. But I’ve bookmarked the thread, so I’ll be back to do it right next time. In the meantime, I’ll just use a character that I created a few years ago when I was GMing a Monster of the Week campaign.

Now Introducing…
BONES! Bones is a fourth-wall breaking, extremely powerful shaman who is on par with the likes of Gandalf (LotR) in terms of magical aptitude. Bones wears a full exoskeleton of bones that have yellowish-green sinews strung between them and a bear skull as a helmet. The full suit is enchanted to make for an extremely powerful armor. Bones’ magical powers are not clearly defined, but they have been known to summon lightning storms, create massive blinding lights, teleport, have extremely powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities, and awareness of the narratives that they are in. Bones verges on insanity in their sporadic nature, but tends to know what to do to benefit the greater good. I suppose with Bones introduces, I’ll let them take over with the plan.

"Ah! Well, thankyouverymuch @YoYoFroYo, a swell introduction indeed. Let’s see, what have we got here…this guy @Valor247 wants me to protect the bank…somethin’ ‘bout mind control and egyptian gods… Oh! And clones! Good, good, all very good… Well, I s’pose I better get crackalackin’ thunder booms in the distance if we want to stop these peons.

Let’s see about those pesky lookouts first. This Amon Ra guy seems to be a toughie. Although, his position relative to this ‘Ra’ character that he worships could be exploited. How about I use a little telepathy to shock 'im into an existential crisis. Say something along the lines of ‘Ra will never recognize you. Not when you are robbing banks like a street criminal. Ra demands more from his subordinates’ or something. Okay now how about Wildfire… Oh! I know! Lightning! Just strike him with a good old fasion lightning bolt and fry his small little brain. The speedster is a toughie, I’ll admit. If only DC Universe would add an edit button, then I could just undo what @YoYoFroYo said above and give me some cool speed powers… If only. I suppose I could just teleport past him and stop the others before he notices. My guess is that if his other clones go down, he may have no other choice then to retreat and regroup.

Now that I’m inside, I can deal with the intelligent clone, and the big tough guy. The brute will want to protect his weaker clone is my guess so I’ll have to engage in some old fashioned combat. Using my telekentic powers, I’m able to dodge every punch he throws at me by simply moving his hand to the side. Once the opportunity arises, I can get up close and channel lightning through my bone armor and into his body. As for the smart guy, it shouldn’t take more than a simple whack with my walking stick."


Oops, didn’t realize it was over. Oh well, I’ll be back tomorrow :slight_smile:


So sorry! I just had not received many responses up till now! I do love the plan!! Very disappointed in my villains, but glad to know Spede City has Heros like you guys!!


Yes, sir! Captain Neuron and Bones are on the case! And actually, he has all my powers and then a whole bunch more, so really, he can be on the case and I can be on the second half of my sandwich. It’s an Italian from Jersey Mike’s, and it would be criminal in itself to let that go to waste.

[I don’t know what’s with the sandwiches; I’ve been hungry all day for some reason.]


All good. This is a great thread. I’m looking forward to doing it the right way tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hello to all.
After a very embarrassing defeat at the hands of the hero’s yesterday I was forced to retreat and lose much of the ground I worked so hard to acquire. Luckily, I did make it out with a small portion of cash and one General… I cannot say the same for Amon Ra. Who, after double the mind attack is now headed back to Egypt to find himself? PERFECT
So todays plan is simple.
Since I am still low on funds I will be not be in todays match up due to the fact that I will be off trying to find more cash. However, in the meantime with the remaining funds I did have I will hire a group of Mercenaries to humiliate the heroes. Just as they humiliated me.

The plan is simple. Today the Heroes of this city are being awarded the Spede City equivalent of the fricken Nobel Peace prize! Gag! So my hired goons and whomever will make a grand entrance to the ceremony, cause mayhem and destruction for guests and hero’s alike, eat a shrimp cake or two, and then escape before these so called superhero’s even know what hit them.
Here are your details:
Hired Villains: (Death)- He is a killer for hire. He goes simply by Death. He essentially holds every power. Only being able to use 2-3 at a time. His power works in conjunction with him. It will pick the powers for him depending on his opponents or fight. He is versatile as he is deadly. With a 4th wall breaker, and a telepath on par with the Professor though, I need some big guns of my own.
@bugsandblaze78 (The Knitter)- Can create living monsters from yarn, or any type of thread. Constructs are well built and at full strength could potentially have the ability to tank a GL blast and keep walking. Used as a recon/defense.
(Amuke)-Since I know we will be dealing with Bones again… I have hired a magician of our own. He does not have much in teams of offensive capabilities, but he has spells to block minds, and keep that rascal Bones at bay for the most part.

@Kingofspeedsters (Hyperspeed)- Speedster on par with the likes of the Flash
@Flamebird23 (Mr. Kines)- Can manipulate energy
@BatJamags (Captain Neuron)- The telepath.
@YoYoFroYo- (Bones)- 4th wall breaking Shaman. (Description for character is above!)
These are your targets!!
I will help my Villains out a little and start off the plan… We shall send in the Knitter with his creations first along with Death to really get the party started. Knitter will be using one Elephant sized monster with the head of a rhino, body of an elephant, and feet of a lion. His second construct is a bird. Bird wings, and body with humans arms and a tetradactyl head.
Death will have powers lined up for both Hyperspeed and Captain Neuron.
So for both heroes and villains alike… Good luck!


OK, so there I was, winning a prize for my judicious application of strategic laziness in foiling the bank job. Suddenly, here comes a giant… knitted… rhino… elephant… thing… that starts rampaging through the crowd. I don’t know how to deal with yarn monsters, so I just kind of nudge Bear Skull Guy and Life in the Fast Lane over there to fight the two beasties.

While they’re on the move, I go back to complaining about the hors d’oeuvres. Oh, and telepathically scanning the crowd for the source of the attack. But mostly the hors d’oeuvres. They have those little finger hot dogs that always sound like they should be delicious in theory but then taste really bland in practice. It’s really a tragedy. Anyway, I identify that there’s a guy called the Knitter controlling the monsters, so that’s pretty weird. Then there’s some guy who I can’t get a read on, but that’s probably an indication that he’s up to no good, so I send a telepathic poke over to Mr. Kines to check him out. And then BAM! I try to take a peak inside the third villain’s head and all I get is a splitting headache. He’s broadcasting some kind of psychic signal full of “ow.”

While I’m reeling from that, he comes up to me and time seems to kinda stop, like he’s draining the speed around him. Great, I’m fighting a discount Turtle. Anyway, next he chucks me into the minibar. I don’t even drink, and now I smell like I lost a fight with a grapevine, which would probably be less embarrassing.

Meanwhile, Dr. McCoy and Fast and Furious about have the yarn monsters under control when the Human Traffic Jam rolls up and brings everything grinding to a halt. Then he just starts whaling on Speedy. Now, you’d think Mr. Bones would be able to get this under control, being basically omnipotent, but then in comes that brain-blocker guy I couldn’t read, and suddenly, Bones isn’t doing much of anything. Energy Guy chases in after him but gets literally dogpiled by yarn monsters. He’s throwing energy blasts around but not really hitting anything. With our luck, Tall, Dark, and Brain-Zappy over there is throwing off his aim or something.

Alright, I’m all for parties, but crashing us like this is just rude. I’m useless against two of these goons, but Captain Crochet won’t know what hit him. I poke around in his head a little to figure out what he’s afraid of and then let loose with telepathic images of that.

Not my best idea.

The yarn monsters go absolutely berserk, swarming everybody, villains and civilians included. I send out telepathic signals to the civilians and direct them to emergency exits. Then again, some meat shields might have been nice because now there’s nothing between me and some kind of adorable knitted tentacle monster. Eventually, Bones manages to get the thing off me and Mr. Kines sets it on fire, but the villains slipped away while we were busy. Even Hyperspeed can’t find them.

And the hors d’oeuvres still suck.

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4 hours to go!

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[In order to make Bones a little more balanced, I’m going to roll dice to see if they can do their actions. It’ll be pretty random which I think is good for Bones’ character, and it works with their 4th wall breaking, knowing that they were originally made for a roleplaying game. I’ll use a D20 and apply modifiers how I see fit.]

“Ok, here we go again! My first thought is that Hyperspeed probably can’t do much in the way of stopping the pterodactyl looking thing, so I tell him that I’ve got it covered. First thing I’ll need to do is mount the creature. Bones rolls an 18 and teleports on top of the pteredactyl FWOOMP! Boy, I haven’t ridden one of these puppers in years. They went extinct just about 66 million years ago. Ah, those were the glory days… HUP! Bones rolls a 15, sticking her walking stick inbetween the seams of the yarn construct in attempt to control its flight. They are able to do so, but the bird is wildly out of control Woah there, settle down pretty birdie. How about we just run right into your brother over there. Yea, that big elephant-rhino-lion dealo that Hyperspeed is dealing with. And… POOMPF! The pteredactyl-bird-human runs into the elephant-rhino-lion and they explode in a puff of yarn. Bones rolls a 3 and falls 8 feet from the air–too off balance to slow her decent with her telekenetic abilities Crack! Ooo, that’ll need repairing later.”

After the attack from Amuke, Bones’ 4th Wall Breaking abilties cut out. They fall down to the floor and find that they are incapacitated. Understanding the dire situation, Bones dives deep into their subconscious creates their astral projection–a lightning bear. Bones rolls a 19 and the lightning bear forms around Bones’ limp body. The bear paws the new yarn constructs out of the air with ease and once the threat has passed, Bones falls to the floor again. Once they wake up, all of the villains seem to be gone.


Whoops, not sure why I assumed Bones was a dude. Sorry about that.

@BatJamags You’re good. I don’t think I explicitly stated it.

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We will have a post today so PLEASE join in and have fun! :slight_smile:

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Took me awhile, but I found it. This.
I. Am Death.

Victori for the most part is gone. Hiding.
You see what he didn’t realize is that I do not work for the money. They call me Death for a reason.
So, after we stomped his enemies. I “convinced” Knitter and Amuk to join me on a crusade. To cleanse this city.
We wiped out Victorinox and most of his general then.
Decimated the heros down to the last few after.
Only a small band of Villains and heros alike stand in the way now.
I guess then, Heros and Villains alike. How will you stop us? Fight? Run? Band together?
In the end it won’t matter. Death will always find you…
*If you need power details these character powers are above in a previous post.

[Okay! So sorry for the late response. I didn’t think I would continue this since the replys were so few… but here I am! Glad to be back. Today I just re-used some old characters in hopes people use new ones against them!
As usual just try and come up with a character or team and a simple or complex plan against or even for the days prompt.
Thanks y’all!]

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So my hero for this one is “Bushmaster”. Now, Bushmaster is not particularly powerful, but he’ll have to do, because he’s the character I created before I read the prompt. Bushmaster is a talking rabbit (about 3 feet tall) who has strictly bush-based teleportation powers. This is probably why Bushmaster has been able to escape Death and his crew in their attack against the heroes of the city. Bushmaster also has a variety of blow darts at his disposal laced with sedatives, poisons, or distracting scents. Finally, Bushmaster has a network of secret bushes across the city.

Bushmaster will be able to sedate either Amuke or the Knitter, but it is unlikely that any of his sedatives or poisons will have any effect on Death unless he can expose a weakness of Death. Since Death can only channel 3 powers at a time, if Bushmaster can get Death to activate specific powers, it could leave him with a weak point. First, Bushmaster will get the attention of Death, hoping to start a chase. Bushmaster will shoot a dart laced with his scent at Death, and Death will probably activate his super-senses in order to track down Bushmaster. Then, Bushmaster will shoot a sedative at Death in order to activate his resistance to the sedative. Finally, Bushmaster will engage Death in combat in order to get him to activate his super strength or another power. With his maximum of 3 powers channeled, Death will be exposed to Bushmaster’s poison laced dart and should be able to go down. While the Poison activates, Bushmaster will use his agility and teleportation to dodge Death’s various attacks.