Crazy Theory: Deathstroke…Batman’s Uncle?

Actually, bruce is Damian’s father Deathstroke vol 4 number 35 reveals Deathstroke had a vasectomy after learning about Rose and the end of the book reveals that Damian and bruce are DNA matches to each other as the envelope was burning in the fireplace. If slade were Damian’s father Damian would have been a metahuman. so Deathstroke would be slades great-nephew.
turned out Taila screwed with the results to screw with Bruce and Slade.


I know. I just finished reading that story arc today. It was fresh on my mind. It was intended to be an inside joke, but thank you for sharing. That was an amazing arc. Priest is a phenomenal writer. I’ve never been much of a fan of Slade. I loved him on the Teen Titans show, but never cared to read his solo run. However, Priest is amazing and I decided to read his run on Deathstroke. Loving it. Again, just finished the Batman Vs. Deathstroke arc. I’m starting his Arkham storyline now. [×]

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Read Deathstroke vol 4 number 35.
bats had a DNA test done before doc Manhatten began playing with the timeline but we never found out the results of the DNA test done. Talia is a five letter word who likes to manipulate people.

Opps I have never been good with rhetorical stuff sorry (embarrassed emoji here). the conversation did at least get me to skim the Deathstroke book as i always try double-check information before I comment…i also was really confused about how Deathstroke was sterilized as i could not figure out how you do that to a guy who regenerates so it help solve that mystery

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I meant “Deathstroke would be slades great nephew”

Officially confused???

This makes perfect sense!

Something you said was “so Deathstroke would be slades great-nephew”; Deathstroke is Slade @Nobody.bladesmith

Look, both of you. What happened was a typo. The user @Nobody.bladesmith meant to post that Damian would be Slades great nephew.

The user @Sean-Malloy was confused as to how Slade is death strokes nephew.

Simple misunderstanding from an obvious typo. It happens. Stay blessed.

[ x ]

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I LOVE this theory @Nobody.bladesmith! I’ve thought the same thing myself when I learned of Martha’s maiden name. It would make more sense, in my opinion, if they were blood related since I see so many similarities in the two characters. They even had a crossover in The New 52 Deathstroke series where in fighting each other, they discovered those parallels. I’m a BIG fan of both so I’d love for this to be true and explore it deeper. I’ve never heard Marv Wolfman talk about that connection specifically though so from his side of things it would be more coincidental than planned.

yes that was a typo and on me.

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there are some Interesting thing about Martha wayne one bing it took about 30 or more years just to have her first name reveled as Martha, it was not until 1997 that her maiden name was reveled. However slades ex was first introduced in 1983. so well not nessasarly bats aunt there is likely a relation to eachother somewere in the generations as the kane family does not go back more then 2 generations on DC wikia.

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hmm just realized something else and well I checked well still not 100% certain i think Adeline is a Jewish first name and the Kanes have been a Jewish family since the New earth timeline so combined with the other stuff i had mentioned its likely that well not she may not in fact be batman’s aunt Adeline Kane is likely related to him in some way.

I’m down for it. It’d be cool to see him become a reluctant mentor to Kate Kane’s Batwoman since they’d be related too

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that would be cool to read.

What if Slade had a disguise that looked similar to joe chill on and shot Bruce’s parents when he was just a petty thug…

I like the idea however Overthinking it i do not think that would work outside an elseworld tale as Slade was likely still in the army when bruces parents were killed. Slade is stated as being 57 well bruces is at least 30. given slades children are adults and i believe conceived after Slade was honorably discharged from the army with his powers he would have still been in the army at the time of bruces parents’ death which happens when bruce is between the age of eight and ten. however, i honestly do not have the math skills to figure out if it’s possible.

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Well the real mystery for me is who the joker is I would love for something in a alternate story line showing Alfred is the joker or something!

Have you read Batman #686?