Crazy catwoman theory

What if Wildcat was Selina kyle’s biological father, its been established in a few continuities that the kyle sisters do not share the same father. would be interesting if Ted was Selina’s father but she consived when ted had to go underground, and then looked out for her but kept her at arm’s length because his vigilante carrere would put her in danger…

note: I have not been able to get past Catwoman my sister’s keeper book one as that is not my Catwoman.


ummm if think it refrenced them hooking up once in the Catwoman comics when she was kind of with Slam bradley so please no

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the only thing I recall is ted saying she would be open to a discount. Catwoman my mother’s keeper. that can be interpreted as possible sex favor or he trains her at a discount…However for Simplot’s sake lets say its from rebirth, New 52, or silver/gold age only.

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I could see the connection. Both dress as cats and they have a big age gap, but from what I’ve read (Catwoman 1993-2001) I don’t think it would work. Selina being an orphan and not having parents to look up to was why she became a cat thief. Plus her father was very abusive for the small number of years he was present.

For Rebirth, New 52, Gold and Silver Age I have no idea. Haven’t read much about her from those times but I assume a similar childhood story applies.


in early 2000s when she’s dating Bradley and they team up with ted to teach holly boxing, ted says of bradley and selina “if you wanted to date an older guy I’m free” so yeah, that

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if I recall right that was pre hush.

possibly, In all honnesty the only part of hush I remember is Krypto

the key thing to remember about hush is it was literally the first time batman Officially informed Catwoman he is Bruce Wayne, outside of earth-two where he marries golden age Catwoman.


yes, Selina’s ‘father’ was abusive to her, however, I did not say that Wildcat was the father who raised her, I said he was her biological father. In the new earth, it implied that carmine Falcone is her biologoical father (enough circumstantial evidence is to confirm it has never been confirmed) well the new 52 has her biological father is Rex Calabrese well in rebirth its supposedly back to Brian kyle.

however, the CF angle is really picked till dark victory which is a reboot of sorts to year three or four (taking place in 1999-2000) which became canon and then really more in Catwoman when in Rome (2004) which I think became canon only after Superboy-prime punched the multiverse…honestly the new earth timeline is more confusing than others given the several recons before new 52.

also, I need to state Catwoman my sister’s keeper/vol 1 was removed from canoalty during zero hour.
However interesting fact Wildcat needs to be killed 9 times before he dies for real :grin: catwoman suposidely died 8 times in the film Batman returns.

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