Crazy Batman Catwoman Theory

What if old lady Selina is not Selina. I noticed that Andrea Beaumont has a strong resemblance to Selina, and Selina has short hair at the end of Batman vol 3 annual number 2, which is a continuation of, and keeps it in her pixie cut style. Yet a short time later, she has hair similar to Andrea Beaumont’s. I think Andrea may replace Selina after bruces death and is posing as Selina.


This is why my favorite wife is Queen Watevra Wa’nabi. She is so honest with me.


I’m interested, even thought I don’t really thinks it’s true. The Lazarus pit is what I would think of first.

This is just a fun theory. However, The thing with pit madness is it’s temporary and wears off eventually depending on the person. However, it’s also dependent on the continuity and purity of the pit. The one Selina used was a near virgin pit well. There were other complications with the one Jason used, that being Ra’s was in the pit when he was being revived. I think it is more she was a better person thanks to bruces influence, and his death took off the leash from kitty.

And kitty may have cancer as the original earth two batman and Catwoman die within a year of each other, and Selina’s death was more traumatic to bruce than his parents in that continuity.

I Just realized Selina both wanted to kill The Joker and may have agreed to wait to do it as a test for Helena to ensure Helena can truly take up her father’s mantle.